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Sammy EHR Vs Experity EHR: A Comprehensive Analysis

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Sammy EHR Vs Experity EHR: A Comprehensive Analysis

A complete suite of software that is not only user-friendly but also incredibly intuitive is called SammyEHR Software by ICS Software Ltd. SammyEHR Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) Software is fantastic for small to medium-sized clinics to accelerate productivity. Sammy EHR comes with a patient portal, electronic prescriptions, and SamNotes. The software may be easily customized and is powerful enough to adapt to a doctor’s preferences. 

With only one click, previous notes can be repeated, and the system will update demographic data as necessary. Experity is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR), practice management, and medical billing software solution designed for on-demand care providers of all sizes and specialties, such as occupational medicine, pediatrics, and primary care. Experity was formerly known as Practice Velocity & DocuTap. From patient enrollment through release, Experity’s EMR/PM offers extensive clinical work process and diagramming arrangements that are versatile, work area and portable viable, and highlight rich. 

This article will help you take a look at the features, pricing and reviews of both Sammy and Experity and then decide consciously where to invest. 

Sammy EHR  

For independent, small podiatry offices, Sammy EHR is a fully-featured electronic medical record software solution. Sammy EHR has enjoyed three decades of success as a company. Sammy EHR differs from other EHRs available on the market thanks to its cutting-edge tools. Customers can update routine operational and medical procedures using this cloud-based EHR software system’s integration with the Practice Management System. Daily tasks are improved and work is accomplished effectively with the aid of Sammy EMR, a potent collection of medical software. The system was first developed for podiatry clinics; however, it is sufficiently adaptable and customizable to function as required by any type of company. 

Sammy EHR Key Features 

Clinical Documentation  

Clinical documentation guidelines must be followed by all podiatrist facilities. The creation of clinical notes is made easier by a number of features of Sammy EMR. With its automated entry feature, which eliminates the need to look up past data and lets you duplicate a previous note with a single click, you can also save time. Additionally, the software’s speech recognition feature is designed to turn your spoken words into written notes. Overall, you may focus on enhancing patient care outcomes rather than typing thanks to this time-saving approach. Additionally, it increases task efficiency and aids in error detection. 


Now, Sammy EHR’s e-prescription functionality is required rather than just a perk. You can virtually write prescriptions for your patients with this tool. This feature allows you to remotely write prescriptions and approve refill requests. By doing this, you can send the order directly to the pharmacy that your patient wants. Additionally, the software warns you of any possible drug combinations that could be harmful. Overall, this feature makes life much simpler and more useful for doctor and their patients. 

Patient Portal 

The patient portal is another well-liked Sammy EHR feature. Customers and doctors will both gain from it. The portal allows patients to view their medical records, arrange appointments, request prescription refills, and get test results. Additionally, they get access to information on their reports and health. Customers can schedule appointments from the comfort of their homes, choosing the time and day that works best for them. 

Sammy EHR Pricing  

Sammy EHR costs $349 per month. But users can also get a custom quote according to their requirements.  

Sammy EHR Demo 

Demos will help you get acquainted with software before you start using it. A free demo is offered on the website of software. 

Sammy EHR Reviews 

User navigation has been a problem for most people who find it tricky and not so easy. Moreover, the software takes time to load. But it has some positive reviews as well. 

Expertly EHR  

Expertly is a software package for digital medical records that was developed with a variety of disciplines in account. The program also features practice management and medical billing. Customers may perform a number of office tasks with ease thanks to the software provided by Experity Billing System. Customers can be scheduled and queued, paperless prescriptions may be transmitted, payments can be made, computerized coding can be used, labs can be integrated, and SMS messages can be sent. The characteristics of Experity EMR software are similar to those of Epic EMR software. 

Expertly EHR Key Features 

Patient Engagement 

To achieve good practice, patient involvement is essential. A high level of patient engagement is necessary to keep patients. Practitioners exert a lot of work to develop in order to keep clients at a competency level. It finally makes it possible for the consumer base to grow. Expertly EMR was developed to help medical professionals with this challenging task. 

Consultation Support 

Helpful consulting service is available through Experity EMR software. This service was developed to provide thorough coaching to help business owners flourish. Writing a business strategy is difficult. Yes, you will need a sound business strategy even if you are opening a clinic in order to maximize your revenues. As a doctor, you provide services without a doubt, but keep in mind that this is also your line of work. 


Expertly EMR believes that in order for doctors to deliver top-notch treatment, they need to feel at ease. Extending the range of treatments is essential to keeping strong financial health. For solo practitioners and small firms, this EMR solution offers thorough billing administration. Additionally, it collaborates with the EHR system to lower errors and increase clinical output. 

Expertly EHR Pricing 

The vendor has not released Experity EMR Pricing. You can ask the vendor for an Experity EMR demo to learn more about the Experity EMR pricing plans. 

Expertly EHR Demo 

Schedule a demo whenever you become unsure of investing in software. Experity offers a free demo on its website. 

Expertly EMR Reviews 

Reviews of Expertly EMR have all been mostly good. Expertly EMR software has a 4.5/5-star rating in general. 


The afore-mentioned details will help potential buyers to invest in the right software.  

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