Select the Right Stream in Biotechnology

After schooling, the students wish to study the field in which they can get good job opportunities. Especially, for science students, there are a number of opportunities. According to the interest if the students, they can choose the stream. Nowadays, among various subjects, Biotechnology is one of the fields that has noticed a rapid growth. Moreover, it has better job opportunities for students.

The candidates from this field can make a successful careerin chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and allied industries. The candidates can work in different divisions such as planning, production, and management of the industries. They can get a chance to work in research laboratories, in government as well as private sector. The students have a chance to work in government-based universities and research institutes. Besides this, they can also work as research scientists in private centers. Alternatively, they may get good opportunities in biotech-related companies such as food manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, agricultural companies, and aquaculture.

In these companies, they can work in different departments such as manufacturing and services, administration, sales, marketing, research, quality and regulatory affair,technical support and more.Biotech graduates can easily make a career in various fields such as horticulture, food science, animal or microbial biotechnology laboratories, plant, and teaching.By gaining experience in the field, they can move to higher positions in their field.

Through Biotechnology course, a candidate is provided knowledge on various branches such as biochemistry, plant breeding, molecular biology, tissue culture and plant transformation techniques, and genetic engineering.To study the course, the candidates can get admission in the college through the norms provided by Uttarakhand Technical University. In top biotechnology college in Dehradun, the admission is done on merit basis.

A candidate can complete the undergraduate course in 3 years. After completing the graduation, candidates can either start with a job or can go for higher studies. The candidates who wish to pursue M.Sc Biotechnology require 50% marksin graduation. After matching the criteria, the admission is done as per the norms of H.N.B. GarhwalUniversity.The duration of post-graduation is 2 years and there are a limited number of seats in the college.

The students must take admission in top biotechnology college in Uttarakhandas these colleges have the best facilities. All the resources for providing the best knowledge to the students are available in the college.Besides amenities, the students are provided training by the experienced professionals. The professors can help them in selecting the branch and make a career choice.This helps the students in choosing the right career path. Therefore, it is better to look for the best biotechnology colleges in Dehradun when taking admission in an undergraduate course.