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The Best Nonogram Apps for Android and iOS

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The Best Nonogram Apps for Android and iOS

Nonograms are among the earliest and most intriguing puzzles. Nonograms are also commonly referred to as Cross numbers, griddlers, Hanjie, and picture crosses. This puzzle game was initially developed in Japan. If you are looking for the best nonogram puzzle to play, you can choose from the following:

What Is a Nonogram Puzzle?

A nonogram puzzle is a grid-based numerical puzzle that is solved by coloring the grid’s squares according to the instructions. The gamer will reveal an image once the coloring is complete. It might be any image, such as an animal or a flower.

Here are the best nonogram puzzle for both Android and iOS.

  1. Nonogram CrossMe

This game has garnered recognition due to its novel objective. In this nonogram puzzle, you must guess an image rather than guessing a word. This game allows players to try something new and expand their imagination.

However, the question of whether this puzzle is simpler to solve is not that straightforward. Images in this crossword puzzle are encoded with numbers. They are positioned to the left of the rows and above the columns that specify the number of shaded cells.

The figures indicate the number of black cell groupings. Or any other color when attempting to solve a colored crossword puzzle. These are in the corresponding rows and columns and the number of cells in each group.

  1. Nonogram by EasyFun Game

This nonogram puzzle game by EasyFun Game is another incredible mobile puzzle game you should consider downloading. It is pretty intriguing and captivating. It is not particularly difficult. If you enjoy logic games, this is the ideal game for you. You will love this game. You can select from five different levels of relaxing music.

  1. Nonogram.com

Almost every nonogram puzzle has the same basic design. There are rows and columns in a grid format. There are guides available to assist you in playing every game. Nonogram.com contains simple tutorials. If you are considering trying a picture cross puzzle, this puzzle should be on your wish list. It is ideal for both novice and skilled players. It features soothing aesthetics, fewer advertisements, and an amazing gaming experience.

  1. Logic Pic

This nonogram puzzle may initially appear relatively simple, but its multiple layers of complexity can leave you feeling stranded. You are required to decode the encrypted image. To accomplish this, you must match the relevant cells on the board. This puzzle game’s introductory stages provide clues that assist players in learning the game’s rules, which adds to the game’s appeal.

You must engage your intellect to the greatest extent during this game. This will assist you in solving as many puzzles as possible. After completing each level of this nonogram puzzle game, you can view the time it took to solve it, allowing you to set personal records. It is a fantastic game that can help you build logical reasoning and exercise your thinking skills to the greatest extent possible.

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