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The Common Types of SEO You Need to Remember

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The Common Types of SEO You Need to Remember

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become increasingly important over the past couple of years. According to BrightEdge, organic traffic results in over 50 percent of web traffic. So, we know SEO is important, but do you know about the different types of SEO?

This guide tells you the different types of SEO that are vital to increasing conversions for your business site dofollow backlinks.

SEO Overview

What is SEO, and why is it so important in 2021? In short, the more visible your website, the more likely your business is to convert web traffic into prospective clients.

Keywords and valuable content are the two pillars of any SEO strategy. Use these in addition to your SEO strategy to increase positive user experience on your company website. You do not need to hire an expert in SEO for companies to implement a solid plan.

Types of SEO

There are three main types of SEO: On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO. The other various kinds of SEO fit under these three major categories.


On-Page SEO refers to the content and keywords on the website pages. Search engines rank and index on a page-by-page basis, not the website as a whole. So it is essential to ensure that each page is optimized for search engines.

Some examples of On-Page SEO include valuable and high-quality content, types of content, proper URL structure, and image ALT tags.


Off-Page SEO refers to the different techniques available to promote your site on the web. The main goal of Off-Page SEO is the promotion of your site.

Examples of Off-Page SEO include Link Building, Social Media Marketing, and positive reviews on online forums.


Technical SEO refers to the parameters that affect your site’s visibility on search engines. This type of SEO is all the non-content portions of your site. The main goal of Technical SEO is to allow search engines to view and index your site without problem.

Some examples of technical SEO include XML Sitemap, Crawling & Indexing, and Structured Data.

SEO Tips

Do you need some easy, but useful tips on how to manage your SEO strategy? Here are some tips to help rank your site on search engines.

1. On-Page

On-Page SEO requires the best keywords, content creation, and using good meta tag SEO. To optimize your pages, be sure to use appropriate titles and headings and make the page user-friendly.

2. Off-Page

Most Off-Page SEO relates to get quality backlinks, so ensure you have a strong backlink strategy in place. Then, put these into play using different link-building and guest-posting tactics.

3. Technical

Improve your site’s backend structure by ensuring fast site speed, mobile friendliness, indexing, crawlability, and security. Be sure your site architecture is solid and easy to use to boost your SEO rank.

4. Different Industries, Different SEO Strategies

Finally, every business is different, so every SEO strategy should be aimed at what results your company expects. For example, tips on SEO for NGO’s will be different from those helpful for larger, for-profit businesses.

Great tips for all sites are good user experience, quick site load speeds, and mobile accessibility.

SEO Strategy

A solid SEO strategy does not rely on keywords only. Different types of SEO are important to take into consideration. Instead, be sure to organize your website content to reflect best practices in SEO to maximize your web traffic. That means ensuring your web content is organized, so search engines can easily index your site.

If you do not know where to start, visit our blog for more SEO tips and tricks!

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