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The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Real Gold Jewelry

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The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Real Gold Jewelry

Real Gold Jewelry

If you have gold jewelry, you can notice that it dulls over time. This is particularly true if you wear it on a regular basis and it is exposed to different environments. For example, this can happen with rings, bracelets and even necklaces.

Know that this is not a sign that you have to buy more jewelry. In most cases, you just have to clean up the pieces you have. But, something you should be aware of is that there are certain ways you should clean real gold. Here are the dos and don’ts of cleaning real gold jewelry.

Clean Jewelry Regularly

Do you wear your gold jewelry on a regular basis? Many people wear the same pieces every day, and this means that they should be cleaned frequently. This does not have to be a deep cleaning and something that takes hours. Instead, it is about removing any dirt or debris that might be present on the gold. For example, this can include things like dust and even chemicals from everyday products.

Therefore, make sure you clean your jewelry regularly. This is going to ensure it keeps a wonderful shine, as well as prolongs its life. For example, if you wear a yellow gold bracelet every day, clean it when you take it off at night. This ensures that it looks good for the next day, and you know it is ready to wear.

Avoid Cheap and Unknown Cleaners

There are many stores and online websites that claim they can offer you a fantastic gold jewelry cleaner. In fact, some of their adverts and designs can be enticing and they can really sell you the dream. But, you have to be very cautious when it comes to cheap and unknown cleaning brands. You do not always know what chemicals they have in them and whether they have the potential to damage your jewelry.

So, the general rule is to stay away from any cheap cleaners and brands you do not know. This way, you can avoid the potential damage that comes with a combination of different chemicals. Simply, you often do not need these to clean up gold and make it look new again. Remember is soft, and you do not want to scratch or damage this metal with abrasive ad strong cleaners.

Buff With a Microfiber

Often, gold jewelry does not need deep cleaning. Instead, it is best to buff the material on a regular basis. This can be enough to preserve the natural shine this soft metal has and to avoid any unnecessary damage. What’s more, it gets rid of any dirt that might be on the jewelry and stops it from eating away at the gold over time.

Just make sure that you use a soft cloth for buffing. In particular, it is best to use a microfiber cloth. This is going to avoid scratching the gold and causing damage yourself. In addition, it is recommended that you keep this microfiber cloth specially for your jewelry. Again, this is all to maintain the gold and make sure that it looks good.

Use Soap and Water

If you have not cleaned your gold jewelry in a while and you think that it needs a new lease of life, there are ways to change this. In particular, using soap and water can be a simple and effective way to clean gold safely. All you will need is a little warm water and a drop of dish soap. You can dip your jewelry into this and allow it to soak.

Make sure you always dry your jewelry once you have cleaned it. This will ensure that it does not become dull. Again, using a soft material is very important for this step. You want to avoid anything abrasive that will scratch the gold. A soft cloth that is lint-free will work well and allow you to buff the surface.

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