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The Most Advantageous Areas To Buy Property In Bangkok

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The Most Advantageous Areas To Buy Property In Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the best cities to buy property in at the moment, and it doesn’t look like that is likely to change. With an already successful and ever-growing economy, Thailand’s capital presents a sound investment for those looking to live, work, or rent out property. 

A vibrant, bustling and varied place, it can be tough to know where exactly to start. Here we will look at some of the best and most advantageous areas in Bangkok, to help you decide. 

The best for leisure

One of the key things to think about is what your property will actually be used for. If it is just for you, or you are thinking about buying to rent or to sell, you may need to consider different criteria when it comes to location. In any situation, having plenty of leisure options around is usually a plus – if not, an essentiality. 

Phrom Phong is known as one of the top areas for a great lifestyle. With plenty of cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, and many other draws, it is definitely an excellent choice for buyers. Home to Emporium, a luxury shopping mall, and tons of other amenities, it is quite a pricey place to buy property. However, it is likely to continue to develop and grow, so an investment now could be the right decision for the future.

The best to rent out

People looking to rent out their property should consider what their tenants may be looking for. High standard and luxurious accommodation like the serviced Mandarin Oriental Bangkok attract custom from all over the world, with the excellent experience they offer. 

Asoke is a great choice for those wishing to get around easily and see more of the city, with fantastic transport links. The prices are again quite high, but there are plenty of good reasons why this is the case. Between the prestige, reputation, and all the wonderful condo projects available, Asoke is well worth considering.

The best for price

If you are looking for the lowest prices, there are still some options in Bangkok that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You should stay out of places like Ploenchit, where a lot of the embassies are located and land is at a premium, and look a little further afield. 

On Nut is still well located, but cheaper and somewhat quieter than the other areas mentioned so far. The relative peacefulness of the area is a positive for those who enjoy relaxing, and it is still easy to hop on a train or travel to a busier area if you want. On Nut is likely to continue to develop and grow, so buying there now could see a positive return on your investment.

Whether you are looking for something at the high end of the market or trying for a bargain buy, there is something for everyone in Bangkok. Think about what it is that you want from your new property, and get looking today. The most advantageous area for you could be the one you invest in today.

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