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The versatile Norman Riches

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The versatile Norman Riches

Wales is another nation from which plenty of outstanding cricketers have emerged. The https://in.1xbet.com/line/cricket website can be used to wager on all of them. One of these illustrious names is Norman Riches. He was a professional cricketer who played cricket in a professional manner between 1901 and 1934.

Some of the teams where he played throughout his career were:

  • the Marylebone Cricket Club;
  • Wales;
  • the Minor Counties;
  • and Glamorgan.

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A dentist who became a cricket legend

Norman Riches was actually a dentist. However, he also found plenty of time to dedicate to cricket. He was an outstanding batsman who used his quick feet to make very fast runs that helped him to score runs quite easily. Make now some betting 1xBet India 1xBet, where you can also wager on other highly talented batters.

He joined the Glamorgan team in 1901, where he played a staggering 31 years until 1934. Originally he was a wicket-keeper. However, because of his great talents with the bat, he decided to help his team by performing the role of a batter. Sign up now to 1xBet India 1xBet to start betting on all cricket teams from the United Kingdom too.

When Riches began his cricket career Glamorgan was still an amateur club. However, things became more professional as Glamorgan joined the County Championship in 1921.

A highly accurate batsman

During most of his time at Glamorgan, Norman Riches was seen as their best batter by far. There are lots of reasons to sign up now at 1xBet | bet on volleyball and also cricket can be done from this platform.

As an example, it was stated that the Welshman was capable of basically putting the ball whenever he wanted. He could hit balls that went directly between fielders, meaning that their job became much more difficult. Also, rather than just batting to throw the ball as far as possible, Riches could also give shots barely enough speed to clear the close field. This would help his team to immediately secure two runs.

Late in his career, Norman Riches was asked a few times to be a wicket-keeper. However, most of the time he denied this. The reason he gave was that he didn’t want to hurt his hands due to the impact between them and the ball. Despite being a professional cricketer, he continued performing as a dentist too, meaning that his hands were quite important for his profession. You can bet on volleyball and cricket on 1xBet, where Glamorgan and many other County Championship teams have all their matches too.

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