Things That You Should Consider Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in 2019

Digital marketing is an important part of a marketing plan. It is much more than just internet marketing. Depending on the type of business you own, you may be advertising on other digital platforms like mobile, television and radio. However, internet marketing is what everyone is talking about these days. While there is a growing need that businesses now take their advertising to their audience attention is, it is becoming clear that a lot of digital agencies only serve to confuse the marketing plan. Advertising is getting very expensive these days. If you don’t allocate your resources with the right digital agency, you are harming your business. Digital marketing is now helpful to increase the social media growth of a site.

Look at the agency’s website

When we say that you should look at the agency’s website, we are not saying that you should look at how it is built or what information they share there. We want you to find out how much traffic their own agency website is generating. You will find tons of agencies claiming that they will provide you the best SEO consultancy and that they will bring you traffic. But here’s the thing: the agency itself is a business and it is the one claiming to do other people’s digital marketing. But how well are they promoting their own business? That is something to look into.

Look at their portfolio

Most websites will have a list of big brands, if any, that they have collaborated with. If a digital agency has worked with a big corporation in the past, they are more trustworthy than most agencies. This is because the hiring policies of big companies are far complex than yours. If the agency did well with them, you stand a good chance to have a good experience as well.

Have a conversation with them

Agencies have hierarchies too. Of course, the CEO is overlooking most of the projects but is not there for every single change that is made throughout the digital marketing for your company. So it is important to look into the founder’s profile. But that is not all. You will be working with a particular group of people who will be assigned by the company to work with you. Sit down with the agency and ask them who will be working for you. If your mindset and work ethic does not match with theirs, perhaps it is not the agency for you. You need to make sure that the team is not only just about the concepts but they also know how to implement their strategies. Ask the company how often they will update you on your project. You need someone who will be in constant contact with you via email and someone who will send you update reports every week. You need someone you can communicate well with. Without communication, if there is anything going wrong with the project, you will remain uninformed.

Ask if the company can give you references

Seeing a company listed on an agency’s collaborations list just shows that the two companies have worked together. However, you don’t know how the experience of the outsourcer has been. When you ask a company for references, you know that they have something to show. You don’t even need to actually contact those references. If a company is willing to give you a list of happy clients, chances are they know how to make clients happy.

Make sure that the agency has worked with a similar business before

Different agencies work with different companies. But the best agencies are those who can provide results for all. Businesses have big and small sizes. When we say make sure that the agency has worked with a similar business before, you can look into a few things. See if the company has worked on a similar niche before. See if they have worked with a business of your size. If the agency only specializes in working with MNCs and you are a local business owner, their team may not be the best fit for your digital marketing.

As internet marketing is growing, more and more people want to invest in social media marketing. Social media marketing are helping businesses achieve their goals of reaching out to more targeted audience so that their messages are communicated well. You will see people investing thousands of dollars in their internet marketing and still yielding on results. This is why it is important that businesses seek the help of professionals who have been doing this job for years.

If you have a social media marketing agency, you can be doing a lot of work in this field. However, a lot of social media marketing agencies who are just starting out in the field find it difficult to find clients. That is understandable. If you want to gain more clients, here is how you can do it.


At first, you need to build a portfolio. You need clients who are small scale and this is all you can expect at first. Over the course of time, when you will have increasing clients, you will be getting your portfolio together. When you approach a big company giving you big bucks to get their social media optimized, you need to show them what you have been doing. Nobody wants to outsource their work to people who don’t have much to show. This is where networking comes in. You need to start with your own social circle. If there is a friend who has a friend who owns or works at a company you think might need social media marketing, you can get connected through your friend. The more you socialize and get to know people, the more businesses you will encounter. But this does not mean that you should invest time in every person you come across. Go for people you think can actually help you out later in the future.

Approach business through internet

One of the best ways to approach businesses is through their official accounts. You may not have any personal contacts with that business but you can surely get connected with the company’s marketing team. However, don’t expect their one out of two businesses to respond you. If you send out 10 emails a day, you will get one to two replies barely. So keep that in mind. To approach clients, you can choose to either leave a message or use the following technique.

In a client meeting, you would probably go in with a proposal. You will have their research done and how you can help that company in achieving its goals through social media marketing. Social media marketing proposal should include the type of campaigns you expect to run on their social media accounts, how you will revive already existing accounts and your posting plans for various social media accounts. But before you do that, you can create a social media marketing audit to send in when you first approach the client. This will give you a great start. You can expect more conversions here. What you need to do is to create a word document listing a table where all the social media accounts for that business are mentioned. There, you will mention the number of followers they have and how frequently they are posting. You can use tools like Alyzer to help you in getting these statistics. Another thing to note is that you will be doing a list of pros, cons and recommendations in the audit.

The pros will include the list of things that you think the marketing team of the company has been doing well on the social media. The list of cons should include the elements that seem alarming and the list of recommendations is everything that should be changed. By adding an audit, you can expect replies. It takes 15- 30 minutes to make one and it is quiet simple.