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Things to Do Before Opening a Salon

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Things to Do Before Opening a Salon

Starting your own salon business is an exciting endeavor. Not only will you be creating jobs and providing an invaluable service to your community, but you’ll also be living your passion every day. However, opening a successful salon takes effort, planning, and the right preparations. Before you remodel the space, paint the walls, or purchase inventory, there are essential steps you must take to lay the groundwork for future growth.

1. Develop a Business Plan

The first step is to create a comprehensive business plan. Your plan should cover all aspects of your salon including financial projections, marketing strategy, operations, and management structure. A strong business plan will help you secure funding, map out your goals, and guide your decision-making.

2. Apply for Salons Licenses and Permits

Apply for all required salon licenses and permits from your state and local government. This can include a cosmetology license, business license, health department permit, and certification for any treatments you plan to offer like waxing or tanning. Allow plenty of time as this process can take several weeks or months.

3. Choose a reliable Management Software

Consider investing in salon management software to manage your scheduling, inventory, client records, and marketing tools. A system like this will help you run your business more efficiently from day one. Look for features like online booking, client reminders, product database, and reporting.

4. Design the Salon Space

Designing an attractive, functional salon space is critical. Think about floor plans, furniture placement, lighting, backroom setup, and decor. Have a professional salon designer assist you or watch layout videos and read floor plan examples for inspiration.

5. Hire and Train Stylists

Recruiting and onboarding talented stylists and staff is key. Create job postings, interview candidates, and provide thorough training on all salon policies, procedures, products, and services offered. Consider onboarding with an online training tool or salon software.

6. Stock Salon Supplies and Inventory

Inventory all the supplies and products you will need to operate including styling tools, shampoos, conditioners, hair colorants, towels, smocks, and retail products. Stock up on enough supplies to get you through the first few months until regular deliveries start.

7. Create Salon Menus and Price Lists

Develop printed menus and price lists for all your salon services. Consider offering package deals, membership programs, and loyalty rewards. Your menus, price lists, and marketing materials need to be finalized before opening your doors.

8. Promote Your Grand Opening

Spread the word about your grand opening! Create a marketing plan utilizing social media, email marketing, signage, flyers, and local advertisements. Reach out to local businesses, media contacts, and your stylist’s clients to start building your clientele base from day one.

Remember, proper planning and preparation are key to any new venture. Don’t rush the process. Make sure you have all the necessary licenses, permits, equipment, and supplies before opening your doors. 

Once you’re ready to welcome clients, make sure you promote your new salon through social media, email marketing, and ads. Keep track of everything with a suitable salon management solution like Respark. Respark offers tools that help maximize your profits and efficiency from the beginning. 

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