Tips and role of Paradamic to follow Paramedical Course

Paramedics also known as Emergency Aid belong to healthcare profession who work towards assisting incorrect diagnosis and overall care of the patient. In other words, they work as technicians who work along with doctors and nurses to help them to offer effective medical care. They are well-trained to use cutting-edge technologies to provide high-quality for medical conditions to patients. With the advent of technology in medical field, there is reportedly growth of trained paramedical manpower for the operation of technical inventions.

In India, there is huge demand for paramedics and so there is a huge rise in paramedical courses. Paramedical colleges in India are equipped with modern infrastructure helping aspirants to learn insight of the course. They are trained well to stay fit mentally and physically.

They are trained to help doctors and nurses in helping for blood tests, x-rays, MRIs, etc. Paramedics are best people for providing effective healthcare option for people.

Common tasks performed by paramedics completely depends on the qualification they earned-
• Operate diagnostic equipment and carry out diagnostic procedures
• Carrying out instructions provided by Doctors which makes them Assisting Doctors
• Rehabilitation of patients
• Monitoring the patient’s condition
• Educating the patients and their relatives
• Taking care of the patient’s medications

To pursue paramedical courses in India you need to pass some eligibility criteria and required skills-
• Should be able to work in rotational shifts and have presence of mind
• Should be physically fit and able to make correct measures during medical emergency
• Should be able to have the ability to work in shifts and presence of mind
• Self-reliant, adaptability and clear thinking

Paramedical colleges in India offer different courses for paramedics. Some of the available courses in paramedics are-
• Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
• Diploma in Medical X-Ray Technology
• Diploma in Medical Records Technology

Apart from these, paramedical colleges in India offer masters, UG and specialized courses where aspirants are prepared to serve patients in all forms.

The Career Prospects-
Since the demand for paramedical professionals have increased, many more aspirants are taking up courses. Paramedical colleges in India are witnessing an increase in students taking up admission for respective courses. After completing the paramedical course, there are different career options available.

• Paramedic can join in government and private hospitals and clinics. They are also given job at trauma or rehabilitation centre to help patients in getting treatment.
• They can also work as medical lab technicians, radiography technicians and physiotherapists. They can take work under professional therapists and respiratory therapists.
• They can also find jobs with helicopter flight crews to transport injured to the trauma centres.

Importance of Paramedic-
They have different roles played by paramedics-

The paramedic is expected to analyse the patients’ situation and decide the action.
First Aid-
Paramedic should know how to give CPR to the patient during emergency
Safe Transport-
The duty of paramedic is to ensure that patients are safely transported to hospital.
Paramedical colleges in India offering courses prepare students well to play the role of paramedic and to have a promising career.