Tips & Tricks to keep in mind before Admission to an Architecture Course in Pune

Why one will go for Architecture as his/her career option?

If you are very much determined about your admission to architecture colleges in pune, then you must keep in mind that you must have science group in your (10+2) i.e. higher secondary level just to pursue your career in Bachelor of Architecture course. Therefore, if you do not have a science group in your 10+2 level, then you are therefore not allowed to take any tests which occur before getting admission to architecture colleges in pune.

On the other hand, if you are a sketch lover, loves to draw buildings, monuments, structures, pillars, etc. and do not feel bored of doing all these then Bachelor of Architecture is one of the best courses present out there to fulfill your dreams. Architecture is, therefore, the most soughed disciplines of academic education for the development of the nation, education, development, technology, and research. So if you wish to pursue your career as architecture in architecture colleges in pune, then it is definitely one of the popular career options.

Is architecture a good career option to choose from especially in India?

As people need places in live-in, work, play, learn, shop, eat etc., architects are then responsible for designing all these places. Even one will notice that architects are commissioned to design anything from a single room to a huge massive complex. So, a career in architecture, therefore, offers opportunities to shape, or sometimes even transforms the environment we live in.

One will also notice that architects are not only involved in mainstream architectural practices but also in occupations ranging from urban planning and property development to teaching, furniture design, and disaster relief.

So, before the admission to top architecture colleges in Pune, you need to keep in mind some of the important points which will thus help you to get a safe and secure hassle free admission in architecture colleges in pune. They are as follows:

  1. Firstly, you have to be sure about the entrance exam to get an admission in an architecture college in Pune.
  2. You have to practice Mathematics, Aptitude tests & Drawing Tests for the entrance tests.
  3. Take classes for the NATA exam
  4. No candidate with less than 50% marks in aggregate shall be admitted to the architecture course.
  5. 50% marks with compulsory subject Mathematics in 10+2 level.

Though the scene of architecture in India is rather morbid but is now picking up some pace with the increasing modernization and advancement. Therefore with the dwelling infrastructure in architecture colleges in pune, there is an enormous demand for architecture in India for the near future.

Pros about the career in architecture colleges in pune

  1. It’s a passionate job with full satisfaction.
  2. Has no boredom, constantly facing new challenges at each and every moment.
  3. Though it is mandatory to have mathematics in your 10+2 level, this will help you to rebuild your career in the long run in your future.

Cons about this Career in architecture colleges in pune

  1. Requires a long period of training and educational qualification.
  2. The pay scale is average and is not much rewarding.
  3. Though 9 to 5 deskwork is not there, sometimes has to work overtime.
  4. Architecture has a challenging and demanding field.

In a few words, we can say that Architecture is the mother of all arts as every technique related to other trades are used here when you will construct any building or any structure. So, these all are some of the points to know and to consider before choosing the top colleges offering architecture colleges in pune.