top cbse schools in magarpatta

Top 5 CBSE Schools for Quality Education in Magarpatta

So, it’s the time of year again when parents start finding the right school for their kid. The admission forms at the top schools are either released or releasing soon. Given the umpteen number of schools available across Magarpatta, the process of finding the right educational institute often proves to be daunting for many parents. The education structure at top schools in India focuses on the overall growth and development of the students. These schools offer skill-based learning to the students.

Magarpatta is one of the cities that have a good number of CBSE schools offering the best quality education to the students. Equal weightage is given to academic excellence along with their all-round development. CBSE is the most prominent board with unlimited options available and it becomes difficult for parents to choose the right one. To make the task easier, here is the compiled list of top CBSE schools in Magarpatta which you may consider for the holistic growth and development of your kid:

1. The Orbis School: This is one of the best CBSE schools in the city that aims to provide the best quality education to the students focusing on their all-round growth. The teacher to student ratio at the school is very low ensuring individual attention and quality learning experience for all its students. Extra-curricular activities are the major part of the course curriculum nurturing students with strong individuality.

2. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Schools: This is one among the leading CBSE schools in Magarpatta that has carved a niche for itself by giving equal importance to academic excellence and well-rounded development of its students. The school has well-experienced and qualified faculty that act as mentors for the students guiding them for a better future ahead. The school offers a positive learning environment for the students through the best infrastructural facilities. Admission forms have already been released and it’s time to book your seat. For more information, visit the website of school at the earliest.

3. City International School: This is a progressive and child-centered school in the region committed to providing holistic education to the students. The school offers a safe and nurturing environment to the students focusing on their overall growth. The learning process at the school is both challenging and enjoyable. Extracurricular activities are a major part of the course curriculum to develop the right attitude and skills in students.

4. The Lexicon School: This is another top-ranked CBSE school in Magarpatta that aims at providing a challenging environment to the students and opportunities to bring out the talent of students. The school has a sophisticated infrastructure to make the learning process as efficient as possible.

5. Mentor International School: This is one of the best CBSE schools that intended to instill the best quality education and lifelong skills in students. The school follows the CBSE curriculum which is student-friendly and very conducive to ensure a positive learning environment. The school has the best faculty and infrastructure to deliver an enhanced learning environment focusing on the holistic development of students.

Admissions forms for the above schools are available and one can even apply online to grab their seats. To read more about the school, visit their official website where you will get all the updated information in lesser time.