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Top 5 Colleges in Mumbai to Pursue Event Management Courses

There are many colleges that offer event management courses in Mumbai. This course is for those students who have a knack towards planning events, be it a birthday party or an official meeting. Event management courses are quite popular these days as it is difficult for people to manage each and everything by themselves. In a rush, they tend to miss something or the other. Leaving it to the professionals ensures everything is well organized and coordinated. So, here are the few colleges that offer event management courses. Read more to ensure you have all the information handy.

Global Wedding Academy: Global Wedding Academy is one of the best colleges and it is a hub of holistic development, interactive learning, and experiential knowledge. The purpose of the academy is to shape the future of talent in the event planning or wedding industry. With a team of good faculty members, they ensure that the children get trained to become creative, organized, intuitive, skilled and resourceful talent pool to cater to this industry in the best possible way. Visit here to grab more information.

NAEMD Academy of Event Management and Development: NAEMD Academy of Event Management and Development is one of the best institutes which is dedicated to creating highly educated people who can do wonders in the field of event management. The college has identified the need of the experts in the industry and thus provides best theories and techniques so that the students can excel.

International Institute of Event Management: International Institute of Event Management offers industry-leading online certificate programs in event management that help the student in planning corporate events, social events, or even wedding in the best way possible. The college is headquartered at California, USA and the students from more than 70 countries have succeeded.

NIEM: NIEM is Asia’s first and best institute that teaches event management. It has tie-ups with some of the International as well as National bodies such as IAO, FICCI, and so on. They have a team of best faculty members who understand the need of the industry and guide the students accordingly. So, if you are one of them who want to become a successful event planner, then join NIEM.

EMDI: EMDI is another top-notch institute that offers event planning courses. It is one of the best colleges located in Mumbai and it ensures the student grab quality education, high-class infrastructure, best tips, and guide so that they can work towards shaping their future. These courses are a combination of classroom sessions and live industry experience. They have a team of industry experts who can mentor and nurture the young talent in the best possible way.

So, these were the top-notch institutes that provide event management courses. These institutes are located in Mumbai and they offer every tip and trick to ensure the student has a beautiful future. Visit the website of these institutes and gather all the information about them and how to get admission. Without wasting time, make sure you enter the best institute.