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Top 5 Famous Boarding Schools in Dehradun

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Top 5 Famous Boarding Schools in Dehradun

boarding schools in dehradun

Dehradun – The capital city of Uttarakhand has always been the first choice of parents when it comes to choosing the right boarding school for their kids. The city offers a pleasant climate throughout the year and its healthy environment makes it the first option for school education. The city is home to some of the reputed and top boarding schools of India offering the best quality education with the right exposure. These schools offer an academically rigorous setting where education creeps into all aspects of a student’s life. The best boarding school in Dehradun offers a stimulating environment that helps the students to grow in the best possible aspect. The unique learning environment offered at these schools focuses on the overall development of the students.

Finding the right school depends on several factors like size of school, curriculum, faculty, recreational facilities, safety of students, standard of accommodation and more. Based on following factors, here is the list of the top boarding schools in the city offering quality education:

  1. Doon International School Riverside Campus: This is one of the best boarding schools in India offering a world-class infrastructure and academic curriculum of international standards. The school has the best faculty that helps students at their every step. The school not only offers the quality education to the students but also focuses on the well-rounded development to make them future-ready professionals. Extra-curricular activities are the major part of course curriculum to ensure the overall growth of kids.
  2. Welham Boys School: This is one of the top ranked boarding schools for boys in Dehradun located in the foothills of Himalayas. This is the best residential school in the city offering the best quality education to boys and offers a great environment to develop life-long skills in them. The school gives many avenues to the students for expressing their creativity and helps building their skills.
  3. Cambrian Hall School: This is one of the premier boarding schools in the city offering the best in-house facilities to the students. The school has all the ultra-modern infrastructural facilities making it a school of international standards. Certified by ISCE, the school believes in all-round development of the students. It understands that sports play vast role in the manifestation of a child’s character. The school arranges several games like football, hockey, cricket, badminton, gymnastics and table tennis etc. for all rounded development of the students.
  4. Kasiga School: This is a co-ed and English medium residential school in Dehradun, affiliated to CBSE and CIE. The school provides flexible opportunities to the students for learning and expressing themselves. Each classroom has an open area at the backside for learning through activity, both collaboratively and independently. Ample opportunities are provided to the students to develop their communication and life-long learning skills via debates, seminars, dramatics and more.
  5. Col. Brown Cambridge School: The school is considered as one of the finest educational institutes in India. It not only focuses on academics of students but also on their overall growth and personality development. The school’s endeavor to develop a sense of responsibility, discipline, cleanliness, loyalty, and respect for others and team spirit makes it one of the best ones in India.

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