Top 5 Queens of the Stone Age Songs

Queens of the Stone age is best described as a stoner rock band with a metal edge. We hope they’d agree with that assessment (especially Scary Nick).

If you’re into rock music and are a QOTSA fan (or want to be), we’ve detailed our top five Queens of the Stone Age Songs, below.

1. No One Knows

While music critics don’t always agree on everything, the song No One Knows is in almost every critic’s top two choices for Queens of the Stone Age songs.

One of the charms of the song is its music video, which switches back and forth between live performance and an… interesting storyline.

In the music video, the group accidentally hits a deer, which then comes back to life to get its revenge on them. Add that to the jauntiness of the song, the legendary drums, and you’ve got a hit!

2. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

The other song in almost every critic’s top Queen of the Stone Age songs is this 2000 hit by the rock band. The heavy guitar riffs and spooky feeling kept them going from their first breakthrough hit (Feel Good Hit of the Summer).

The music video helps this rating, as it was directed by the legendary David Lynch. The Queens of the Stone age know how to tell a story with a song, but they excel in bringing that story to life with their music videos.

It was the first song to get them onto the UK Top 40 chart, though it was never a chart-topper. Some people just can’t handle good music.

3. Feel Good Hit of the Summer

This is likely the song that turned you onto The Queens of the Stone Age. It opens strong by listing six substances that people often abuse, then moves on to cocaine.

This song never charted, as people were worried that it glorified drug use, which it does. However, that’s some people’s musical vibe, and the song belongs in the top three for the exposure it got the band.

The music video may make you feel like you’ve ingested some of these substances; it can be safely described as “trippy.” It’s not a music video you want to put on around impressionable minds. We’ll just say that.

4. Little Sister

Even if you’re not a big QOTSA fan, you can’t say that they don’t have a consistent brand or vibe. The titles of their albums are proof, and the one this song is on is no different. Little Sister is a song off their 2005 Album “Lullabies to Paralyze.” It’s said to be inspired by Elvis Presley’s song, Little Sister.

5. First It Giveth

This may be a controversial choice for a top-five list, but we’re fans. First it Giveth is the band’s third single from their LP and includes bible verses. Rumor has it that one of the band members got naked on stage while performing this song.

If you weren’t there, you’ll never know.

The Top Five Queens of the Stone Age Songs

This nu-metal rock and roll band made a splash in the early 2000s with their spooky sound, rocker antics, and tattooed looks. Their heavy riffs, dark bass, and impressive drums thrilled fans at festivals for years – up until the pandemic.

Did this list include your favorite Queens of the Stone Age songs? Which would you replace if we missed any? For more local news that keeps you current, make our site your homepage. 

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