Top 5 Tips for How to Know When to Change Humidifier Filters

The humidity levels in your home can affect your health. Too little and you can struggle with dry nasal passages, sinusitis, or dry and cracked skin. Too much and mold can begin to creep into your home. 

Bob Vila explains that the humidity levels in your home should be 30-50%. 

But if you need a humidifier in your home to help maintain those levels, how do you know when to change the filter?

Read on for 5 tips that will help you know when to change humidifier filters!

Air Quality

While humidifiers affect the moisture level in your home, they still use the air to inject that moisture. Pay attention to the air quality reports in your area. 

If you live somewhere that consistently has bad air quality you will need to change your filter more often. 

You can purchase a filter-free humidifier if you don’t want the hassle of changing filters, but be sure to do your research and know-how to keep the unit clean. 

Water Quality

Clean tap water is recommended for most humidifiers, but the quality of your water will affect how fast particles build up on your filter. 

Hard water tends to be higher in calcium and other minerals. These small mineral deposits will build up and clog your humidifier filter and make it deteriorate faster. 

How Do You Feel?

If you have a humidifier in your home, pay attention to when you start to feel unwell.

If the air quality or water quality has caused too much build-up in your filter it will not be efficient and those pollutants can get pushed into the air you are breathing.

Similarly, even the best air humidifier filter can start to grow mold if not changed in a while. The air will continue to cycle through your home through that filter and cause you to breathe in mold particles. 

How Often Is Your Humidifier Running?

Another key thing to pay attention to is how often your humidifier runs. If you live in a really dry climate and it runs every day you will need to change your filter more often. 

If humidifier filter replacement is a potential budget issue, look into reusable filters. It is easy to learn how to clean a humidifier filter if you are up for it.

Have a Schedule and Keep to It

The standard recommendation for changing your humidifier filter is once per season or every 3 months.  Have filters on hand or order them online from somewhere like so that they are there when you need them. 

Depending on how bad the air quality or water quality is in your area, you may consider increasing your filter change to once a month or every two months. 

If your unit is running daily then change your filter every two months. 

The key tip to remember here is that if you have a schedule to change or clean your humidifier filter you will avoid the build-up that can affect your health. 

Change Humidifier Filters Regularly

Now that you know what can affect the life of humidifier filters, remember to change or clean your humidifier filter regularly. This will keep your humidifier in its best working order, and keep you and your family healthier. 

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