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Top 6 Tips for Buying an ASMR Microphone

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Top 6 Tips for Buying an ASMR Microphone

Whether you’ve opted to create ASMR audio or matching video material, audio quality is critical to the overall production value. While many ASMR makers produce excellent content with inexpensive microphones, you might desire to advance your project. The issue is that determining which ASMR microphone is ideal for you might be difficult.

Most of the audio-related technical language is unnecessary, but it can be difficult to distinguish the fluff from the excellent microphone. You should know a few things about ASMR microphones before purchasing them, regardless of your project. Continue reading for more information.

  1. Cost

ASMR microphones can be extremely inexpensive or quite costly. It’s crucial to spend money on excellent equipment, but if your budget is less, it makes sense to concentrate on the quality-to-price ratio to ensure you get the most for your money.

  1. Polar Pattern

The polar pattern is crucial when it comes to recording. Cardioid microphones are the norm for ASMR. They are unidirectional, meaning they only record sound right in front of them and filter out sound from the sides.

Nevertheless, most ASMR microphones offer dual or multi-polar patterns, allowing them to be utilized for various recording genres in addition to ASMR. Choose a microphone with a cardioid polar pattern if you want to capture ASMR content exclusively.

Getting a mic with a range of polar patterns will be a wiser investment if you plan to use it for live-streaming, podcasting, or video calling.

  1. Build Quality

Mics such as asmr mics must withstand recording demands if you invest your hard-earned cash in one. Build quality is less critical if you’re recording in a home studio, but if you want to take your microphone on the road, be sure it can withstand the hardship. The top microphones have to be adaptable to any setting.

  1. USB vs XLR

When purchasing a microphone, it’s critical to note if it has an XLR or USB connection and select the one that works best with your setup. Though less frequent, specific microphones may come with a jack.

  1. Sound Frequency Range

It is essential to have an excellent sound frequency band microphone for capturing noises. This will guarantee that the recording device’s loudness is correct and records the range of audible frequencies

Test them out for yourself and record your unique ASMR sounds with each microphone you’re considering to see which is the finest for live stream. Also, you may see several videos online by your favorite ASMR sound artists and examine the mics they employ. Get the microphone if you believe you want a comparable sound frequency range!

  1. Gain Settings

It’s crucial to properly configure your microphone if you want to capture the most excellent ASMR sounds. This also entails changing the input gain.

The input gain determines how responsive your mic is to sound waves entering the device from outside. High-sensitivity microphones are more likely to take up outside noise, which might result in loud or distorted recordings.

You cannot record ASMR sounds as loud as you want without gaining settings. You must modify your audio editing programs gain and audio levels to resolve this problem.


With so many microphones on the market, choosing the perfect one for you might be challenging. Yet, if you follow the recommendations, you will easily find a microphone such as asmr mics that meets your demands.

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