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How to Access Blackboard at UTSA!Blackboard’s features all save faculty time and lower costs for students.

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How to Access Blackboard at UTSA!Blackboard’s features all save faculty time and lower costs for students.

utsa blackboard

UTSA Blackboard, a digital learning platform, is used to provide students at the university with access to online course materials.

Colleges and universities may provide cutting-edge, secure learning choices, according to Blackboard Learn, a platform created especially for educational institutions by Blackboard Inc. UTSA has a license to utilize this software, and the Office of Digital Learning is in charge of overseeing its administration.

A variety of digital learning technologies are included into the platform to raise the bar for UTSA’s online degree programs and provide students with a top-notch educational opportunity.

Benefits and Features:

  • Easy Access: Utsa blackboard Learn provides a user-friendly digital learning platform with high-quality educational materials.
  • Convenience: Students can access online courses from anywhere, making learning more convenient.
  • Security: All data pertaining to students, instructors, and courses is fully secured and accessible only to authorized users.
  • Course Creation: Teachers can easily develop online courses using the digital tools available within Blackboard Learn.
  • Quality Courses: The offered courses are of high quality, easily accessible, and ensure a positive user experience for everyone.
  • Consultation and Training: UTSA’s technical team provides necessary consultation and training to faculty members for preparing digital courses.

Access Blackboard at UTSA.

Students will be able to access their Utsa blackboard accounts on the official website starting on August 15, 2022, owing to the Single Sign-On (SSO) login procedure that has been established for a better user experience and increased security.

  • Go to https://www.utsa.edu to access the official UTSA website.
  • On the front page of the UTSA website, click the “myUTSA” link in the top bar.
  • “Student Resources” and “Faculty/Staff Resources” are the two areas that make up the myUTSA website.
  • Click the “Blackboard Learn” link under the “Student Resources” heading.
  • You will now be on the Single-Sign-On login screen in your browser.
  • Enter your myUTSA ID and Passphrase in the SSO login form and click the “LogIn” button to access your Blackboard account.

With the Single Sign-On feature, students can enjoy the benefits of a single login, improved security through additional verification steps, and a longer duration of login for the mobile app (30 days). This enhancement replaces the previous automatic logout after 3 hours, providing a more convenient experience for students using the mobile app.

Guide to Recovering Your UTSA Blackboard Account

utsa blackboard

If you have forgotten your myUTSA ID or Password, don’t worry; you can easily recover them by visiting the UTSA Passphrase portal. The passphrase portal offers various essential services related to account access. Here’s how you can recover your myUTSA ID and reset your Utsa blackboard password:

Recover myUTSA ID:

a. Go to the official passphrase portal at https://passphrase.utsa.edu/.

b. Click on the “Recover myUTSA ID” link.

c. Choose one contact method from Email and Phone and provide the corresponding information in the given space.

d. Click on the ‘Student’ option and fill your name, birth place, phone number, and month of birth.

e. Then Tap on the verify button. You will receive your myUTSA ID when your information has been validated.

Blackboard Password Reset Process:

a. Visit the official passphrase portal at https://passphrase.utsa.edu/.

b. Click on the “Reset your Passphrase” link.

c. Enter your myUTSA ID and select whether you want to receive the passphrase reset code via Email or Phone.

d. Tap on the submit button. You will receive the passphrase reset code via your chosen contact method.

e. Click on the “I have a reset code” link on the passphrase reset screen. A new form will appear.

f. Enter your Network ID and the provided “reset code.”

g. Click on  the ‘Submit’ button.

h. Now, you can create a new password for your account.

Remember, it is crucial to set up your passphrase reset contact information in the UTSA Passphrase portal beforehand to ensure a smooth password reset process in the future.

Managing Contact Information:

In order to utilize the self-service password reset feature if this is your first time visiting the Passphrase site, you must update your profile with your contact information.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Click the “Manage Contact Details” tab on the official passphrase portal’s home page.
  • On the next screen, log in using your myUTSA ID and passphrase.
  • Once logged in, edit your profile and provide valid and working contact information, such as your email address and phone number.

Setting up DUO Authentication on Your Smartphone:

To enable DUO Authentication, which adds an extra verification layer after login, follow these steps:

  • Access the UTSA passphrase web portal and click on “Manage/Set up DUO Authentication.”
  • On the login screen, type your password and myUTSA ID, then click “Log-In.”
  • “Continue” can be chosen in the lower right corner.
  • To start configuring authentication, click “Add a new device” beneath the UTSA logo.
  • Download the Duo mobile app from the Play Store or the iTunes Store to get started. Both iOS and Android smartphones may access it..
  • After installing the Duo mobile app, return to the passphrase portal and complete the authentication process.

From now on, every time you log in to your smartphone, you will receive a phone call or push notification to authenticate your login.

UTSA Blackboard Mobile App:

In addition to the online web portal, students can access their Blackboard account through the UTSA Blackboard mobile app. This app offers faster login access and provides access to all essential learning-related services.

To get the Blackboard app:

Android users can download it from: Blackboard Android App.

  • Current version: 8.5.0
  • Size: 83 MB

iOS users can download it from: Blackboard iOS App.

  • Current version: 8.5
  • Size: 211.3 MB

The Blackboard app allows students to access information anytime and anywhere, enhancing the learning experience on the go.

How to Log in to the Blackboard App?

utsa blackboard

Follow the step to login into you Blackboard App:

  • Open the Blackboard app on your mobile device.
  • Click on ‘UTSA’ after typing “UTSA” into the search bar.
  • Enter your myUTSA ID and Password, and then click the Log-In button.
  • Once logged in successfully, you will access your Blackboard account dashboard page within the mobile app.

Enrolling in a UTSA Blackboard Course:

Students can easily enroll themselves in an online course through the official website using their UTSA account credentials. Follow these steps:

  • Open the official UTSA website and click the myUTSA link located at the top right side.
  • On the myUTSA page, click the “Blackboard Learn” link and log in to your account.
  • After logging in, you will find your Blackboard Learn student dashboard page. Tap on the ‘Courses’ link present on the menu.
  • Click on  the “Course Catalog” link present on the  top right corner of the page. You may discover a list of accessible online courses in the course catalog. Choose the course that interests you from the list of available courses. Once you’ve decided on a course, click on its title to learn more and sign up.
  • A list of all courses in the category you chose will appear. To finish the enrollment procedure, click the “Enroll” link that is placed after the course ID.

Joining a Video Lecture through ZOOM:

Follow these steps to join a video lecture using ZOOM:

  • Open the official website https://utsa.zoom.us/download/ to find the Zoom Client download link.
  • Tap on the download button and wait for a few times until the download does not start.
  • Once done, search for the folder in your device and then install it .
  • Open the Zoom client, click the “Sign In” link, and select “Sign In with SSO.” Type “UTSA” before zoom.us in the box and click “Continue.”
  • Sign in using your credentials and click the “Open Zoom” link.
  • Click the course link to join the meeting. You can find the course link through email or on your Blackboard course dashboard.

BB Collaborate Login Steps:

utsa blackboard

Join a meeting on Windows:

  • Point to “Tools” on the left side of your UTSA Blackboard dashboard and click “Blackboard Collaborate” to access the Blackboard Collaborate Scheduler Page.
  • Get the Room Details, and then click on “Join Room.”
  • If you are using the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for the first time, it will tell you to download and install the launcher before using it . Install it as instructed.
  • Your browser will prompt you to open the “meeting.collab” file. Open this file to start your Blackboard Collaborate session.

Join from your mobile device:

  • Open a browser on your mobile device and navigate to your online course.
  • Tap the scheduled Collaborate session to launch it. It will open in the Collaborate mobile app.

Helpline Details:

For any kind of help use the below details to reach customer support:

  • Phone: 210-458-4520
  • Tech Café Support: 210-458-5555
  • Email: academicinnovation@utsa.edu

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