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What Are the Benefits of Instagram Marketing?

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What Are the Benefits of Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is the second-most popular social network, with only Facebook showing higher statistics. With more than 1 billion active users every month, is it any wonder that all kinds of businesses, big or small, are cashing in on the opportunity for Instagram marketing?

Most smartphone Instagram users are likely to spend around 53 minutes a day just interacting with their friends and browsing content. 

If you’re interested in knowing how to use these facts to help build your business, you’ll want to read on and see which of these ideas will work for you. 

Know Your Audience and Your Destination

Before you start using Instagram for your business, establish who your typical customer is. Get to know their age, gender, how they earn a living, where they live, their level of earnings, etc. 

Then decide on your goals. Do you want to increase brand awareness? How about building a community and a solid reputation? 

Quality Posts

Observe the well-established rule on social media known as the 4-1-1 rule. This suggests you should publish four pieces of original content and one repost of another before concentrating on promo ideas for Instagram.

Instagram is a place for users to enjoy, comment on, and share their favorite posts with their friends. So give them their favorite material!

High-quality photos are the most engaging content. From your point of view, they are less time-consuming. For your visitors, they are enjoyable and probably shareable. 

Here’s a tip! Whatever size you upload, your image will appear as a square in your profile. 

Square images should be 1080 x 1080 pixels. Landscape images should be 1080 x 566 pixels. And profile images need to be 1350 x 1080 pixels.

Your Instagram Marketing Business

To use Instagram for businesses, you need to schedule at least one post per day. This will raise awareness of your brand and develop the benefits of marketing. 

Use appropriate hashtags to draw your intended audience. Don’t use their allowed thirty hashtags, rather settle for three or four good ones.

Always give a Call to Action. This could be as simple as “tag a friend who would like this.” 

Track what people are saying about your account. See what Instagram tips you can pick up from them.

Follow your competitors, and see what they can teach you about how to market on Instagram. 

Cultivate friendships, a.k.a. followers, by following them back and interacting with them. But also seek out influencers. These are online celebrities who may like your product and take it into their own stream of posts.

Increase Finances

60% of users admit to discovering new products on Instagram. People also have more faith in brands they have seen on the network. 

Recently, Instagram has introduced a Shop tab. This is seen on their home page and allows users to purchase directly through Instagram. 

Make use of this facility by tagging products in your photos, inviting viewers to “shop now.” It is estimated that in the US, 11% of social media users shop on Instagram!

In today’s global society, the “new normal” of business is switching more and more to online marketing. We trust this short article has offered you insight into some of the benefits of Instagram. Get creative, and find ways you can develop your Instagram marketing habits. 

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