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What Does a Family Caregiver Do?

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What Does a Family Caregiver Do?

If you have an elderly relative who has trouble doing daily tasks by themselves, and you find yourself helping them a lot, it’s possible that you could be classed as a family caregiver. But what does this term encompass exactly? What does a family caregiver do, and what are some things they should know?

Helping out loved ones can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Everyone deserves a good quality of life, and then a person can no longer provide that for themselves, sometimes family members have to step in and offer assistance. This article will examine what constitutes a family caregiver and what supports may be in place for you.

What Is a Family Caregiver?

Family or informal caregivers offer all kinds of assistance to their loved ones. This could include bigger tasks such as transporting them to appointments and running errands. It can also be smaller everyday tasks like helping them out of bed and to dress themselves.

Family caregiving encompasses a broad spectrum. There is no right or wrong way to care for your family, and there is no minimum amount of duties needed to be classified as a caregiver.

Different Family Caregiving Situations

Caregivers may be needed in many different situations. The person in question might be paralyzed, elderly, or suffering from some kind of debilitating disease. It could be someone caring for their spouse, their parent, or their child.

Recent studies estimate that over 65 million US adults were serving as family caregivers last year. This is a staggering amount of people, and the sad truth is that many of these people aren’t receiving the support they need or deserve. Unfortunately, being a caregiver takes up time and costs money, which can make life more challenging for those who are giving care to family members.

Supports That May Be Available

There are some different forms of support that may be available that you weren’t aware of. The first type is government support. There are a number of different programs that offer some financial assistance to those in certain circumstances.

Medicaid’s Self-Directed Services programs, Medicaid’s Home & Community Based Services, and Veteran-Directed Care programs all offer various types of support to eligible carers. You can also see whether your family member’s insurance or your work covers the time spent giving care.

You can also consider private care facilities. If you have the means, somewhere offering Dementia care for seniors, for example, could be beneficial for you and your family member. Another place to turn is to other relatives who may be able to offer family support.

Know That You’re Not Alone

As a family caregiver, you’ll face many obstacles and face many hardships, but you are not alone. Use the above resources and try reaching out to support groups if you’re feeling isolated or depressed, talking can help. If you’d like more medical information and advice, see the rest of our content now.

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