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What’s the process of getting braces on?

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What’s the process of getting braces on?

Getting braces and keeping them in place can be nerve-wracking for some people. Being fully prepared for your new braces and reducing your worry can be accomplished by knowing exactly what will occur and how to handle it. Depending on their orthodontist and the particular therapy they receive, each person will have a slightly different experience. Because receiving the trays requires less effort than getting brackets and wires, those who choose Invisalign over conventional braces will also have a different experience. Here, you will learn about the braces process:


Getting a reference, typically from a dentist, is the first step. Because more people visit the dentist than an orthodontist regularly, the dentist generally is the one who examines the patient’s teeth and suggests that they contact an orthodontist. You can always make an appointment by calling the office and requesting a consultation with the orthodontist. Any dental concerns you may have and your most recent set of x-rays from the dentist may be helpful to bring. If you are wondering where to get proper treatment, orthodontist Henderson NV is the best option.


The consultation will be your orthodontist’s first encounter with you. Orthodontist Henderson NV will examine your teeth to decide what needs to be done to straighten them or if orthodontic treatment will benefit you. Even though many people could and would benefit from having straighter teeth, there are some instances where braces would only be necessary if the person already has sufficiently consecutive teeth. The best action will be decided once the orthodontist reviews your x-rays and teeth. During this consultation, he might also take a model of your teeth to plan your care properly.

Planned Therapy

The orthodontist will create a customized treatment plan for you following the consultation. Only some people suffer from overcrowding, under crowding, underbites, or overbite, among other dental issues. Because every mouth is unique, each patient needs a tailored treatment plan. The orthodontist will construct a braces model using the obtained mould of your teeth.

Brace Installation

The first appointment will be a lot longer than any subsequent one. It includes preparing the teeth’s surface so that the brackets will have a location to attach, attaching the brackets, and inserting the initial wire. The conditioning process after cleaning can take ten to thirty minutes. Afterward, the teeth are prepared for the cement, and the orthodontist’s established locations set the brackets.

Placing the Wire

It is now time to put the wire into the brackets after they have been put in position. When moving teeth into the proper position, orthodontists begin with a semicircle of wire, trim it to the appropriate length, and occasionally add bends or kinks to the wire to give the teeth more leverage. The doors are shut when the wire has been secured in the brackets.


It often takes three to four weeks after the wire has been inserted before another correction is made. The orthodontist often uses the existing wire as a guide while making adjustments, removing the wire, bending it again, or inserting a new wire. To keep moving the teeth, this new wire will be slightly stronger or different in design from the previous wire. 

Wrapping it up:

Teeth alignment plays a vital role in your appearance; it decides the beauty of your face. So when you feel your teeth alignment is not in the right shape, please wear braces.

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