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Why Should You Hire a Pedestrian Lawyer in Glens Falls? 


You got injured in a pedestrian accident and want to finish the claims process quickly to get relief from all complications. Hiring a Glens Falls personal injury lawyer can be one of the most effective ways to resolve your legal case. A pedestrian lawyer helps you to go against insurance companies, which helps you to recover accident losses. 

Here are the key reasons to hire a pedestrian lawyer in Glens Falls: 

Help Insurance Companies in Settling Claims

When it comes to resolving pedestrian accident cases, insurance companies don’t deliver the required support. They want to save a maximum amount of money by delaying the claims process, devaluing injuries, and denying valid claims. Insurance companies tend to take advantage of victims and convince them to settle for fewer claims. A pedestrian accident lawyer helps in higher settlements to prevent legal charges. They may use the right legal strategies to demand fair compensation for injuries. 

Deal With Lifelong Injuries

Pedestrian accident injuries are usually catastrophic. The pedestrians experience the injury effects, which makes it extremely important for victims to protect their rights in financial recovery. Without attorney assistance, you may settle for a lesser amount, which takes away your ability to pay for future medical requirements. Hire the best pedestrian lawyer if you have a pedestrian accident.

Implement the Right Tax Laws

Without legal expertise, you may not be aware of applicable laws to your case. Such laws include the statute of limitations, comparative negligence law, and fault-based insurance law. You may struggle with the burden of proof or present sufficient clear evidence to prove that a driver is at fault for an accident. A lawyer understands state, municipal, and federal laws applicable to your case and how to navigate them. 

Save Time and Money

Hiring a pedestrian lawyer saves you time and money. It may seem counterintuitive as you have to pay attorney fees. Claimants hiring lawyers tend to always get higher financial compensation than those representing themselves even after deducting attorney fees. Most attorneys work based on a  contingency fee, which means you will pay a percentage of your settlement/verdict if won. A lawyer saves you time in handling lawsuits and paperwork. As they handle your case, it prevents common legal mistakes. 

The Bottomline

You should hire a pedestrian lawyer in Glens Halls because of the reasons above. They can take all the required steps to help you win the case. 

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