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Why Soy Candles Australia are a Must Have

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Why Soy Candles Australia are a Must Have

Around 70% of Australians support environmental causes and most try to practice sustainability principles when they can. An example of this is using eco-friendly products or supporting products that use eco-friendly ingredients. It is why businesses have started responding to consumer demands on using organic materials.

One example is soy candles Australia made. Soy wax is a natural ingredient wax that is obtained from soybeans. It is 100% natural and Australia produces around 44 thousand metric tons of soybeans per annum.

What are the benefits of soy wax?

Soy wax is made from ecologically beneficial, renewable resources. It is unlike traditional paraffin wax, which is derived from crude oil and is thus nonrenewable.

There are many ecological benefits to using soy wax rather than another form of candle wax, but candles from soy also burn more slowly than paraffin wax candles. Although, at the same time, all candles generate some form of blackish gray smoke, candles manufactured from soy wax burn more cleanly and produce less soot than candles made from paraffin wax.

Another advantage of using soy wax for candles is that it is a great aroma carrier that does not need the use of chemical additives like paraffin wax. The result is a well-balanced candle and true to its designed fragrance.

The Advantages of Using Soy Wax Candles

It is quite advantageous to use soy wax when manufacturing candles or purchasing candles manufactured from soy wax for various reasons. Soy wax candles can be more pricy than paraffin candles, but the benefits of using soy wax candles may be worth the extra cost.

  1. Biodegradable material

Due to the widespread cultivation of soybeans, soy wax is a widely available and renewable resource. The cost of other purported organic candle waxes, like beeswax or bayberry wax, can be prohibitively expensive, and their availability is restricted.

However, soy offers a reliable and practical option for those who want candles from natural, renewable materials.

    2.  Candles with a Long Burning Time

Soy candles tend to burn more slowly and evenly than paraffin, allowing candles to burn for a longer period. Even though soy candles cost a bit more, they burn for a longer period helps balance the higher cost.

Many attest that the lower heat emission of soy candles will also mean that the aroma will last longer. However, it is more dependent on the quality and quantity of scent oil used in the candle than on the heat of the wax used in its production.

   3.   Burning Without Polluting the Environment

Candles produced of soy wax will burn more cleanly than candles made of crude oil derivatives like paraffin because they produce less smoke than non-natural ingredients. Those sensitive to candle smoke will be relieved to have cleaner and safer air. This is particularly helpful to children and the elderly. 

    4.  It’s simple to clean up.

Because soy based wax melts at a lower temperature than paraffin origin, It becomes more malleable when exposed to lower temperatures. Therefore, it is preferable to use soap and hot water to clean up a soy wax spill rather than strong non-organic chemicals. 

For your decorative needs, consider soy candles Australia. The benefits will outweigh any cost consideration, and the eco-warrior in you will also approve.

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