Women Have Always Loved Rings and Diamonds

Women all over the world have always enjoyed wearing their finest jewelry for the world to see. This included many famous diamond rings and necklaces. Many men like to give their women Valentine’s diamond rings in order to show them exactly how much they love them. If you are one of these women, consider yourself lucky that he cares enough about you to buy you multiple diamonds over the years. Let us take a look back and discuss some other famous pieces of jewelry we have seen throughout history.

Mary of Burgundy was the very first lady to receive an actual diamond engagement ring from her beloved. Archduke Maximilian gave her a ring with the stones set in the shape of an ‘M.’ This occurred back in 1477, but there were many other occurrences before this, they were just not documented. This specific occurrence triggered many members of the upper class to follow in his footsteps and buy fancy rings for their wives too.

Napoleon Bonaparte also participated in this tradition by giving Josephine de Beauharnais a diamond and blue sapphire ring when he proposed marriage. These stones are pear shaped and point in opposite directions.

Queen Elizabeth II received a three carat solitaire diamond engagement ring from her fiancée Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. The stone came from his mother’s tiara. They were wed in 1947.

Prince Rainier III took a knee in front of Grace Kelly with an eternity band. This band was a Cartier and consisted of diamonds and rubies. After a travelling to Los Angeles, he relied that all of the actresses were wearing large diamonds as their engagement rings, so he promptly went to purchase a stunning 10.47 engagement ring by Cartier to add to the decadence of her diamond rings.

The world’s very first million dollar diamond belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. Although she was married many times, the most famous of all of her engagement rings was the one Richard Burton gave to her. This 69.42 carat pear shaped diamond dazzled the entire world.

No matter what kind of jewelry a woman owns, she will always treasure it for many years. Not only was it given to her by someone that truly loves and cares about her, but it is these tiny things in life that often bring us so much joy. Dazzle your special lady this Valentine’s with a special gift of jewelry she will fall in love with.