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Career Scope after Bachelor of Hospitality Management Degree

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Career Scope after Bachelor of Hospitality Management Degree

There are many degree program an individual can pursue to begin their career. Perusing the bachelor’s degree in hospitality management can be highly rewarding. Hospitality is a vast field and has witnessed a huge growth in the recent years. The field offers amazing work opportunities to those who have the right skills and knowledge along with the right degree. If you have considered to make a career in hospitality, going with the best degree will make you more marketable.

More about the course
The bachelor’s in hospitality management course teaches students about management in different hospitality and tourism industry operations. Internships are provided to the students which enables them to gain industrial knowledge to move ahead in their career. The program focuses on business, management and technology related subjects. It combines theoretical aspects with hands-on training via practical sessions and industrial internships. A small class size and practical projects ensure high-quality and well-rounded development. The students are taught to successfully manage a business within the hospitality field. The course also imparts substantial knowledge about sales and marketing, human resource management, entrepreneurship development and computers with a special focus on tourism studies.

Career scope after the course
After completing the course, students will have a variety of career options in the hospitality industry and related fields. They can begin their careers in restaurants, casinos, hotels, tourism bureaus and a multitude of other establishments.

There are many departments within hospitality in field such as food and beverages management, accounting, operations, engineering or maintenance, sales and marketing etc. that one can opt for as per their interest and steadily grow.

There are many hospitality and tourism companies present across the globe. They create multiple work opportunities for qualified individuals in India and abroad each year. The best colleges focus on overall personality development of students. In the duration of their studies, the college instills leadership, customer care, analytical and decision-making skills. Such colleges offer internships with their industry partners to impart more industry focused practical learning. There are some colleges that also offer international internship opportunities to students to help prepare them for global careers.

Aside from pursuing a career in a hotel or restaurant, graduates can get their dream jobs in:
• Airline catering and cabin services
• Hospital administration and catering
• Hospitality services in the Indian Navy and various MNCs
• Cruise ship
• Lodge management
• Catering
• Club management
• Forest lodges, guest houses, resorts etc.
• Kitchen management in hotels, schools, guest houses, colleges and factories etc.
• Catering department of railways, banks, armed forces etc.
• Entrepreneur

Hospitality is one of the most demanded professions across the globe and one can have a long-term career in this industry. To be successful in this field, it is always important to choose the right institute. Indian School of Hospitality is one of the best institutes across India offering hospitality management degree to the students with international industrial experience. The institute prepares the candidates for the global sector and focuses on the overall development of the students. Depending on the course done, an aspirant can apply for their dream job in the hospitality industry.

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