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5 Most Common Workplace Challenges (and How to Fix Them) 

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5 Most Common Workplace Challenges (and How to Fix Them) 

New workplace challenges are always emerging. As a business manager, it’s important that you fix them quickly so that they don’t negatively impact your employees or customers over the long term. Once you start staying on top of your workplace challenges, then you’ve already won half of the battle. 

So, what are the most common workplace challenges today? And (more importantly) how can you fix them? Let’s take a close look at the five most common problems. For each problem, a solution is also listed so that you know what to do. 

  1. Too Many Employee Work Accounts

The likelihood is that most of your employees have lots of different accounts, right? For example, they probably have accounts for different sites and applications (Google, Microsoft, Zoom, etc.) that are impossible for them to keep track of. 

The fact is this: most employees don’t enjoy the hassle of having to remember countless passwords for different work accounts. Instead, they want to use the same login credentials for each account. This lowers stress and enables them to access everything they need super quickly without having to keep re-entering passwords. 

Solution: Federated Identity 

To fix this problem, use federated identity. A federated identity management service will enable your employees to log in to all of their company accounts across different platforms within seconds — no stress, no hassle. Finally, you’ll no longer have to deal with employees telling you, “I’ve forgotten my password and can’t log in.” 

Start by learning what is federated identity in more detail. After this, you can start using a federated identity service that’s great for your in-office and remote employees. 

  1. Low Motivation 

Another big problem is low motivation among employees. For instance, you might find that some of your employees come to work with a poor attitude and don’t have the enthusiasm to complete their work tasks. This is bad for you and bad for your company as a whole — which is why you need to fix this problem as soon as possible. 

Solution: Provide More Incentives

The fastest way to fix demotivated employees is by providing them with more incentives. Whether it’s the opportunity to get promoted or simple things like extra holidays, there are plenty of incentives that you can deploy to get motivation levels higher.

  1. Bullying 

Sadly, workplace bullying is a problem that occurs very often. Although it can seem impossible to fix at times, there are ways around it. 

Solution: Meetings and HR 

Start by holding meetings with the employees involved in the bullying, and let them know that failure to stop will lead to disciplinary action. If this doesn’t work, the next step is to get HR involved. 

  1. Poor Cybersecurity 

In the modern business world, you need to have excellent cybersecurity. Otherwise, you’re a risk of being cyberattacked, which can lead to financial damages and other problems. 

Solution: Outsource Your Cybersecurity 

There are now hundreds of third-party cybersecurity companies out there that you can outsource your cybersecurity to. This’ll allow you to sit back, relax, and focus on other management tasks while your company is safely taken care of in the background. 

  1. Lack of Employee Training 

When employees aren’t properly trained, they’ll never be able to complete work tasks to a good standard. This is why employee training is so important, even if it’s costly in terms of finances. 

Solution: Enroll Employees in Training Courses

The only solution here is to enroll employees in training courses. On top of this, make sure to also provide employees with training handbooks that they can carry with them.