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7 Commonly Perpetuated Myths About Australia Debunked

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7 Commonly Perpetuated Myths About Australia Debunked

For whatever reason, there’s a lot of half-truths and hearsay surrounding Australia and its vibrant and outgoing culture. We’re here to highlight the most common myths and misconceptions people have about it and outline the underlying facts.

Myth #1: Sydney is the capital

A variation of this is people thinking that Melbourne is the capital, but it’s neither; it’s actually Canberra. But why is Sydney the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about Australia? It could be due to the iconic Sydney Opera House attraction or the city’s gourmet offerings. But at the end of the day, Canberra is a 100% renewable energy city with 39 natural reserves, Australia’s officially recognized capital.

Myth #2: Australia has the deadliest critters

Deadly? Sure, if you get unlucky enough to be bitten by a spider while also suffering from an allergy to that specific type of poison. Or that you go out asking for it by treading its rainforests and teasing the snakes. However, Australia is far from being the country that houses the world’s deadliest critters. Just don’t get into a fistfight with a kangaroo.

Please don’t enter the ring with one of these. It’s a losing proposition.

Myth #3: You can ride a kangaroo

Speaking of kangaroos, you can’t exactly put a saddle on one and ride it like it’s portrayed in works of popular culture like The Simpsons. You can, however, watch them from afar as they transport their young ones in the front pouch, so technically, kangaroos could serve as a form of transportation. Just not for us humans.

Myth #4: You’re going to get burned by the sun

This one is partially true – certain regions can get boiling hot. If you truly want to visit the devil’s lair, go to Oodnadatta in South Australia. In March, the temperatures can go up to 34°C. Other regions, however, are a different story altogether. For instance, the average temperature in Melbourne is 14°C in the colder months, so you should not leave your jacket at home.

Myth #5: Koalas will eat you alive

Since koalas look like bears, it’s easy to assume that they will randomly hurl themselves at you from the trees and eat you alive. But it’s a myth! If anything, koalas are more closely related to kangaroos than bears. The reason being is that, just like kangaroos, koalas nurture their young in their pouches. But don’t underestimate a koala! They are agile critters.

Myth #6: Foster’s is Australian for beer

Numerous ad campaigns for Foster’s may have you believe that the popular beverage is the Australian substitute for beer. In reality, it’s a mixed bag. Some of them drink Tooheys and some cannot spend a day without Victoria Bitter, while others brew their own.

Myth #7: Australians are crazy about gambling

1 in 3 Australians play the lottery and roughly 10% of the population regularly engages in other forms of gambling, so you can hardly call them gambling nuts. Although Australia is generally a permissive environment when it comes to gambling, it’s a good idea to check out trusted resources such as australiaonlinecasinosites.com where you can read about different types of casino games on offer, various payment methods supported, and other useful tidbits of information.


Australia is a country unlike any other. Hopefully you’ve gotten acquainted with it a bit more as it’s easy to get led astray by the fiction that gets passed around as the truth.