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A Helpful Guide On How To Play Bocce Ball

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A Helpful Guide On How To Play Bocce Ball

Bocce ball has been around for centuries. The goal is straightforward: roll your bocce ball as close to the pallino (the white ball). As a simple game, people of different ages can play together. 

The game aims to get your bocce ball closer to the white ball than the other team. There are advanced setups to add more competition and challenge to the game the more you get into it. You can even join bocce ball clubs. 

Here, we discuss a simple manual on how to play bocce ball using the beginner’s rules. Review the information below and get started on your first bocce ball game. Here’s how to play. 

How To Get Started 

First, find a flat space. Then, set up your game. You’ll need eight colored bocce balls with one pallino. You must include six stakes that can be used to mark the outline of your side and the half-court. Most games have a sixty-foot-long and twelve-foot-wide court. 

To understand how to play bocce ball, determine whether you play in teams or solo groups. Every player will need four bocce balls. If your team has two players, each player needs one ball. For four players, one bocce ball is required per player. 

Who Goes First 

Do a coin toss to see who’ll throw the pallino first and which color ball will be used. The team that wins the toss throws the pallino first. If the pallino is tossed to the half-court line within the court, that team gets the point. If the ball falls out of bounds, the other team gets to toss the pallino next. 

How To Play Bocce Ball 

The player that throws the pallino within the court is the first to deliver the ball. Then, the pallino tosses alternate until one team is out of bounds. A key rule of how to play bocce ball to remember is that the frame ends once every ball has been delivered. 

Scoring Your Points 

To score your game, note that bocce ball uses frames for scoring. Since only one team can score per frame, whichever team delivers their bocce ball closest to the white ball scores. To receive one point, the bocce ball must be closer to the pallino. The number of bocce balls closer to the pallino equates to the points the scoring team receives. To learn how to play bocce ball correctly, you need to know that the team to get sixteen points first is the winner. 

Rules To Follow 

  • Use underhand tosses. 
  • Make a foul line. 
  • If more than one infraction occurs, the frame is over. 
  • If a ball falls outside of bounds, it is not used for the rest of the frame.
  • If the pallino is out of bounds, the frame ends.

A Fun-filled Game For Family

As you familiarize yourself with how to play bocce ball, use advanced setups with larger courts. For a fun-filled game perfect for the whole family, host your first bocce ball game this Spring. 

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