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Best Way to Send a Snap With Cartoon Face Lens On Snapchat

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Best Way to Send a Snap With Cartoon Face Lens On Snapchat

Would you send a Snapchat pal a cartoon or Pixar-style self-portrait? Beautiful button-like noses and enticing wide eyes are simple to spot and share. With these cartoon glasses, your face may look like an anime or 3D animation. This article will explain how to quickly share a cartoon face filter picture with loved ones and readers.


It has become a Snapchat must-have for its creative and fun methods to spice up your Snapchat experience. Send A Snap With the Cartoon Face Lens. Modern augmented reality technology lets one become a charming animated character with a flick. 

However, this perspective has expanded social media participation by allowing creative and hilarious expression. This creative communication phase will show you how simple it is to send a snap that transforms you into a cartoon. This will deepen your relationships with fans and friends in unexpected ways. Follow these steps to succeed!

Share a Photo with the Cartoon Face Lens

Snapchat users may send photos with the cartoon face lens. Download the newest Snapchat app from the App Store or Play Store and log in with your current credentials if you already have an account. Snapchat makes it simple to create an account by entering a few basic facts. After login, you’ll receive a thorough tutorial to sending a cartoon face lens photo:

1. Make It Accessible

Slide left from the camera screen or touch the profile sign in the upper left corner to access your profile and camera.

2. Start Lens Work

Use the open front-facing camera to concentrate on your face. Tap and hold your face on the screen to activate the lens carousel at the base.

3. Select the cartoon-face camera

Swipe every lens until you find the Cartoon Face Lens. A particular animation style or cartoon-face symbol generally defines it.

4. Use perspective

Touch the cartoon face icon to place the lens on your face. The camera automatically superimposes goofy characteristics on your face as you look into it.

5. Make memories by taking photos

With the Cartoon Face Lens on your smartphone, you can take photos or movies by holding down the shutter or record button.

6. Adjust as required

Before sharing your Snap, press the icons for text, stickers, drawings, and more to add creative elements.

7. Review and Finish the Assignment

After Snap capture, you’ll get the preview screen. You may choose buddies to email your Snap from this screen. You may also add groups to your Story.

8. Tell your loved ones about your experience!

After choosing, click the blue “Send” button to share your Snap with the Cartoon Face Lens. Then, enjoy their many responses!

Five Popular Snapchat Face Lenses

After learning how to send a snap with the cartoon face lens, check out Snapchat’s many popular cartoon face lenses. Discover Snapchat’s most famous cartoon face lenses with this updated list:

1. 3D Cartoon Style

This lens may give you an exaggerated three-dimensional appearance with big eyes, petite noses, and highlighted features. Many celebrities use it since it’s a popular Snapchat lens.

2. Cartoon Kid

This lens makes you seem cartoonish—round cheeks, huge eyes, and a short nose. Younger users use it to generate cute or hilarious photographs.

3. Funny Animal Cartoon

This lens makes you appear like a cartoon unicorn, dog, or cat. You may use it to decorate your photo albums for holidays and other special events.

4. Cartoony Character

Create your cartoon figure using this lens. You may customize the lens by choosing your hair, eye, and skin colors to create a cartoon face. This is a terrific method to meet interested people.

5. Anime Style

Snapchat’s Anime Style borrows from Eastern animation. The Anime Style Lens records your facial emotions in real-time, turning you into an anime character. The filter’s subtle shading is surprisingly beautiful and nearly hand-drawn. Since feelings may entirely transform your new anime character’s personality, playing with them is entertaining.


Snapchat’s Cartoon Face Lenses improve with technology and creativity, turning photographs into cartoon animals. These lenses make discussing vintage cartoons, superheroes, and more with followers and friends fun and engaging. The Snapchat lens carousel always has new cartoons, so you’re never bored.