Career Opportunities with M.Sc. in Wildlife Science

If you are a graduate in science, statistics, geography, geology, environmental science, life science or any branch of engineering, you can plan to pursue M.Sc. in Wildlife Science. It is one of the best wildlife courses in India offering job opportunities in government and non-government organizations. The course has a multidisciplinary approach that integrates wildlife conservation with social issues to manage and mitigate wildlife conflict. The course offers comprehensive knowledge of ecosystem and biodiversity conservation along with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. It helps to build skills in conducting research on wildlife conservation. So, career opportunities after M.Sc. in Wildlife Conservation Action are remarkable.

Wildlife Technician
The course helps you to become a wildlife technician which is an entry-level career opportunity. The profession requires to work directly in the sea, air or land environments in which wildlife exist. The work can be distributed between two parts- lab and field work. The technician needs to observe and tag wild animals to monitor their activities. They help senior members in research and collecting specimens to analyse in the lab.

Wildlife Scientist
It is one of the most challenging, exciting and respected job opportunities. It involves biological studies of animals. These scientists conduct in and outside of wildlife habitats. They work on improving the health of animals with their research. They may conduct research on living or non-living wild animals. They are animal specialists and spend their whole career to save nature. Some alternative career opportunities are zoologists, biologists, and ecologists.

Environmental Consultant
They are those who play a prominent role in making our environment safe. They work for private or government organisations. They guide companies to use natural resources safely and eco-friendly manner. An environmental consultant can work in a particular field of the environment. They can work to reduce water pollution of a particular place, river, and stream. They are known as conservation scientists. Every year, the Indian government comes up with vacancies of environmental consultants in several fields of the environment. The career is rewarding for nature lovers. They spend their whole life in serving nature.

Zoo/Aquarium Animal Caretaker
A Zoo is run by a number of experienced biologists and those with M.Sc. in wildlife. They are responsible for monitoring the health of animals. The type of food items should be served, the temperature of food and serving food according to the season are some top responsibilities that a caretaker has to provide. They manage the internal environment of animals to make sure that they are not troubled by visitors. They take care of neatness of the zoo.

Marine Biologist
If marine life attracts you, a career as a marine biologist is not a bad idea. After M.Sc. in Wildlife Science, you can be a marine biologist. The work responsibilities include taking care of life in the sea. Marine biology is a broad-ranging career. You can work in the lab as a researcher or do a fieldwork. Collecting new species samples, perform testing and monitoring of sea creatures exposed to pollutants and preserving specimens are some work responsibilities. It needs you to go for scuba diving to survey endangered organisms. You work on preserving the sea creatures who are on the verge of extinction.