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Clean Girl Aesthetic: Ideas, Looks, Creative

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Clean Girl Aesthetic: Ideas, Looks, Creative

clean girl aesthetic

Clean girl aesthetic is a tik tok trend that sprouted around 2022. The aesthetic is all about appearing clean by wearing a slick back hairstyle with no hair getting out of the place, having a strict skincare routine, wearing less makeup with soap or fluffy brows. The idea is to have your life in place. A clean girl is an inspiration to many out there. Starting from following a clean diet to a clean balanced lifestyle. Clean girl aesthetic really suggests ‘less is more’. The less makeup you use the more cleaner you appear. The trend alone is not about appearing clean but also following a clean diet and a strict workout routine to be in shape and have mobility.

But how do you achieve a clean girl look? Let us look into it.

Godly Skincare And Minimal Makeup: Clean Girl Aesthetic

First things first, a clean girl is all about having nice skin or if so not having cakey makeup. Cakey makeup instantly suggests bad skin or laziness. Even if you are suffering from bad skin, do not shy away from it and try to embrace it while taking care of it. Have a good skincare routine that suits your skin and actually is beneficial for you. Go for a skin tint rather than a high coverage foundation. This not only looks like your skin but also feels light when applied. Try to apply blush as a sun kissed effect and a lipgloss is a must for a clean girl. The intention is to have a minimal makeup routine.

Clean Girl Aesthetic

Slick Back Hair And Gold Jewelry: Clean Girl Aesthetic

What does a clean girl mean? The one who looks extremely organized especially when it comes to her hair. A clean girl never neglects the little details when it comes to her hair. Try to use gel or mousse to have your hair in place. The aesthetic is all about having your hair in a bun to make your face stand in the spotlight rather than your hair. This not only makes you look clean but also keeps hair out of your face. The other thing is having some gold jewelry. Gold jewelry can make you look more put together with so little of an effort. Having little hoops and a necklace with little pendants come in handy. They absolutely go with any kind of outfit as well.

Neutral Tones And Fashion

Opt for straight pants or trousers rather than the skinny ones. They instantly make you look rich. They also give off duty model vibes. Oversized blazers are a good piece of garments to start with. Do not forget to carry some sunglasses with you everywhere you go. You might think they are just sunglasses but they do a lot to elevate your whole look. It is more flattering if your outfit is monochromatic. Like the aesthetic is said to be minimal, the fashion is also meant to be minimal. Choose neutral colors over bright vibrant colors when it comes to clothing and fashion.

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