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Clevo PA71 Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Clevo PA71 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Clevo PA71

You know what real struggle in today’s technological world for game enthusiast is? Finding the ideal laptop. I mean there’s so many options with different features. The laptop for gamer would be the combination of raw power and exceptional visuals. Don’t worry guys this article will introduce you to the laptop which will match your preferences. The Clevo PA71 the prefect laptop for gamers.

In this article we will cover all the details related to Clevo PA71. Let’s know why it is the ideal choice!

Design Of Clevo PA71

Clevo PA71 laptops designed by keeping gamers in mind. It has sleek and classy dark grey body colour. It looks so premium because of its aluminium alloy chassis. ClecoPA71 laptops are thin and slim in comparison to other gaming laptops. The best part of the laptop is its bottom part which is designed in an angular design. This design allows the laptop to adjust on rough and uneven surface.

Display of Clevo PA71

The massive 17 inches display is the best part of Clevo PA71 laptop. Its not common to see 17 inches laptop. This is exciting to have laptop with good display. The main objective of brand to make big display is that they don’t want to compromise on the quality like pixel density and sRGB ratio.

The Clevo laptop provides excellent colour accuracy with extensive display. It offers 100% sRGB with Clevo laptop which results with eye-pleasing vibrant visuals.

The Clevo laptop offers 144hz refresh rate. While playing game you don’t lose frame, it provides high quality visuals. Gaming  on Clevo PA71 is a treat for gamers.

One unique feature of this laptop is that it offers multiple display support which you won’t commonly find in laptops. It helps to create the prefect environment for gaming. Who doesn’t want laptop with these features !

Performance of Clevo PA71

Before buying laptop we all check its performance review. Laptop performance is integral part. But with Clevo PA71 you don’t have to worry about that. This brand laptop is good when it comes to performance. It has the intel core i7 8th generation processor which allows you to work or play without any issues. It provides descent performance with regular uses.

As its full-fledged gaming laptop, sometimes you can face performance issue as it has an older processor. If you do heavy task on this laptop, it might have issues in performance.

Though its overall performance is decent enough for everyday task.

Clevo PA71

Gaming Performance

You know what’s the exciting part, laptop’s gaming performance. Clevo PA71 has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. You can try many heavy and casual games in it. One thing you will observe that its performance well with casual games. Thanks to the GSYNC technology it has which prevents from screen tearing issues. Whereas it is decent when you look at the performance with GPU-intensive games.   

Ram and Storage of  Clevo PA71

The Clevo pa71 laptop is featured with a huge 32GB Dual channel RAM and 512 SSD. The extensive  RAM and storage combo makes multitasking fun experience. For example, you can work on multiple tabs without worrying. Whereas, the 512 GB SSD make sure that application or software you open loads quickly in the RAM.

Battery Life of Clevo PA71

Battery life is crucial part of laptop, especially when its gaming. The processors used in gaming laptop runs on higher frequency comparing to regular laptops. Heat management plays significant role.

The Clevo PA71 battery life is pretty much similar to regular laptop. It gives 4 hour of battery backup while doing gaming and video editing.

In all it has decent battery life, though you cannot expect much from gaming laptop as it not made for power efficient.

Clevo PA71’s Audio and Webcam Performance

Clevo PA71 has Pro Blaster engine which gives amazing audio quality. The Sound Blaster engine provides loud bass which make you groove on stage or party. It gives you incredible experience with headsets.

Whereas, if we see its webcam quality then its pretty average. There’s nothing special in it to discuss. For video calls, its good for once in a while. But for regular use for your meetings, you have to add external webcam.

Overall Review of Clevo PA71

Talking about overall about Clevo PA71 then it’s a decent product. It has good audio quality with a high refresh rate display.

Though, laptop needs some improvement no doubt in that. For example, in performance with heavy tasks. Its very similar to high-end gaming or other heavy work, the performance of laptop lacks.

Overall, it depends on what you want. If you someone who is looking for decent laptop with amazing audio and display quality. Then the Clevo PA71 is the right option for you. Whereas if you are hardcore user then this laptop is not for you.


Q1.What is the display size of the Clevo PA71 laptop?

A- The Clevo PA71 laptop has a huge17-inch display, which is larger than regular laptops.

Q2.How much RAM and storage does the Clevo PA71 laptop have?

A- The Clevo PA71 has a generous 32GB of dual-channel RAM and a 512GB SSD.

Q3.What is the battery life of Clevo PA71 for gaming?

A-The Clevo PA71 offers about 4 hours of battery life during gaming and video editing, which is similar to a regular laptop’s battery life.

Q4.What processor does the Clevo PA71 Laptop use for performance?

A-The Clevo PA71 has an Intel Core i7 8th generation processor, which offers decent performance for everyday tasks, although it may face some issue with heavy tasks.

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