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Do You Want to Make Your Garage More Exciting? Here are Easy Tricks!

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Do You Want to Make Your Garage More Exciting? Here are Easy Tricks!

When you build your house, you plan all the elements well. You realize you could have done a few things better as time passes. It can be anything from the smallest feature, like a faucet, to any larger upgrade, such as shifting the wall to create more interior space. Even outdoor areas can draw your attention. While minor changes requiring less effort and money always get priority, considerable renovation works must wait for their turn. You can sometimes have all the resources, but your busy schedules become a challenge. Don’t worry if you face any of these circumstances frequently. Most homeowners do.

So, keep searching for exciting features of a sink faucet to replace the old model or imagine creating more room to suit your needs. But do you want to do something more interesting? How about trying a few things with your garage? Many ignore this extended part of the house – some may not consider it in their renovation project even after twelve or thirteen years. That’s’ so sad! This corner also needs your tender love and caring. And if you pay attention, you can add many fabulous elements here to increase its use. Do you want to know how? Let’s find out a few simple ideas quickly.

Attic lift

Some garages have an attic, which goes mostly unused. You can optimize this corner by adding an attic lift to use it as an additional storage corner. The mechanism will eliminate the need to add a ladder and carry seasonal stuff up there. You can use this lift to occasionally store snow blowers, lawnmowers, and other items you need. At the same time, think of other challenging things to haul up a ladder. However, the garage structure is vital as it needs to hold up the weight of the lift. 

General framing or trusses can fail to carry the load of the items you want to store or the lift. Check if the garage attic flooring is plywood or OSB material. Can you stand straight there? In that case, trusses can support the lift’s weight. If there is any confusion, it’s best to talk to a structural engineer to test its strength. You can shop for attic lifts online. They come in different sizes and styles. Choose the one that suits your space.

Media cabinetry

It can sound crazy, but a giant cabinet in this room can keep many of your electronic items safe from vagrant basketballs and sawdust. Plus, this corner can become a casual hangout place for your friends. You can watch games, TV series, and much more. Since flying balls, sawdust, and other elements threaten the health of electronic equipment, the giant-size cabinet can genuinely help. You can buy plywood material for this work if you are a DIYer. The quality of the wood will decide your bill, but you can get it for around USD $500.

Floor coating

Any typical garage will have concrete flooring, which looks dull and is maintenance-wise demanding. You can change the whole vibe of this place by installing epoxy flooring to get the feel of a fancy auto showroom. And you can achieve it all for under USD $500, especially if you can do it yourself. The epoxy coating goes on top of the concrete floor and can easily resist oil, grease, and other substances that harm the paint. You get several varieties of epoxy finishes. Hence, it becomes exciting to pick from them. But all concrete floors may not be compatible with epoxy coating. Then, preparing the base for this finish can demand elbow grease. It involves investigating the floor’s health, cleaning it, and applying a fresh color.  

Before going ahead, it is better to educate oneself about handling this job well and make it withstand any abuse, such as scraping, salt, oil, vehicle traffic, stain, and more.

Surface-mounted electrical wiring

This concealed wiring system can help you efficiently add outlets and lighting to your finished garage. You don’t have to damage ceilings or walls for this. Also, you don’t need any special arrangements to install this. An existing outlet can make your work handy. The raceway can use the outlet to cover a distance in any desired direction. 

Ductless split cooling and heating system

Like a home or office cabin, your garage can also need this one. You get the small one for USD $700-2000. 

Garage door painting

White can be the most coveted choice for these doors because of its versatility. However, if your home has multiple attractive features on its façade, you can paint garage doors the same color as your home to avoid distractions. Or, you can pick something that enhances the beauty of your home and its surroundings. For instance, a tan-hued home can find a perfect companion in garage doors that wear a red, brown, vinyl, or stone feel. Even stucco can make them appealing. But what about homes made with bricks? In that case, selecting one of the prominent shades from the brick can be clever. Usually, deep bronze or chocolate brown does well. 

The garage door color can be straightforward if your house is primarily gray. You can select white or black paint for the doors. Likewise, a beige home may need smoky gray touches on the garage doors to sync right.

Can you see yourself thinking about renovating your garage? If you never did it before, this is the time to give some love to this critical corner of your property. It can solve your space crunch issues as well. You can shift many storage items that you occasionally use. At the same time, teens and adults will have one organized area to pursue their hobbies. Since things stay put in their designated nooks, the risk of accidental falls remains low. Also, you can start maintaining it more as it assumes added responsibilities. So, give this project a try. Your DIY skills can save a few dollars easily. Once the space is ready, you can marvel at its transformation; others may also notice your hard work.