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Enhancing Resident Engagement: Shelton Haynes Unveils Constituent Services Department


A New Era of Communication and Support For RIOC

Shelton J. Haynes, the visionary President & CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), continues to redefine community engagement with the introduction of the Constituent Services Department. This innovative department signifies Haynes’ commitment to fostering direct communication between residents and RIOC, ensuring that their voices are heard and their concerns addressed effectively.

The Constituent Services Department serves as a bridge, allowing residents to connect directly with RIOC regarding their issues, suggestions, and feedback. Haynes recognizes that community involvement is the cornerstone of a thriving neighborhood, and this initiative represents his dedication to creating an inclusive environment where every resident’s perspective matters.

Elevating Community Partnerships

Shelton Haynes’ introduction of the Constituent Services Department is about communication and building strong community partnerships. By providing a dedicated platform for residents to voice their thoughts, concerns, and ideas, Haynes is empowering the community to actively participate in shaping the future of Roosevelt Island.

This initiative is a testament to Haynes’ belief in the power of collaboration. By establishing a direct line of communication, he facilitates conversations that can lead to impactful change. Haynes understands that a community thrives when its members feel heard, valued, and included in decision-making.

Shelton Haynes Listens and Acts

Shelton Haynes’ creation of the Constituent Services Department reflects his dedication to transparency, accessibility, and community empowerment. By actively seeking resident input, Haynes is not just leading Roosevelt Island; he’s fostering a sense of ownership among its residents. This innovative approach resonates with the island’s vibrant community spirit. It reaffirms Haynes’ commitment to making Roosevelt Island a place where every voice matters and every idea can contribute to positive change.

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