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Everything to Know about whey protein

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Everything to Know about whey protein

whey protein

First of all, what is protein?

Protein usually refers to supplements that are largely composed of protein. However, it is not normally called a protein supplement because of its long name, but rather a “protein.”

The human body muscles are made up of proteins such as internal organs, bones, blood, hair, skin, and nails, and it is said that when protein is insufficient, various parts of the human body become dysfunctional.

That’s why protein is a vital nutrient! We have to take it every day not to run out, and we take it from animals such as eggs, meat and fish, and plants such as grains and beans. Also, it is said that 1.5 to 2 g of protein is required per 1 kg of body weight per day to maintain a slender and cold muscular body.

What is the difference between normal protein and whey protein?

If you look closely at the store, you will find various types of proteins. People who see it for the first time don’t know which one to buy. If you look at the labels on the bags on sale, you’ll notice that they say whey protein, casein protein, and soy protein. The big difference between them is the raw materials.

How to choose whey protein


The taste of protein has evolved! It was only understandable. I think people who know the taste of those days have the impression that it is “bad.”

However, nowadays, it has been improved and improved. Vanilla flavor, cocoa flavor, chocolate flavor, etc. are released. There is also a woman-conscious aspect, strawberry taste, grapefruit flavor, etc. are also released one after another, and you can drink it as delicious as juice. I can do it.

For those who are hesitant to buy protein in large bags or cans, there is also a one-time trial pack, so it is a good idea to taste it and find your favorite one.

Protein content

The protein content is almost unrelated to taste and solubility, and protein content varies from 50 to 90%, depending on the manufacturer. Nor does it suggest that “it is easy to take because it is low in protein” and “it is hard to drink because it is high in protein.”

And it’s important to consider whether you can get the protein you need in a day, not good or bad because the protein content is high. And don’t just rely on supplements; eat your meals!

Whey protein is a type of protein discovered in milk.

The liquid that can be made into the supernatant of yogurt is called whey (whey), and the protein contained in this whey is whey protein. Whey also contains minerals and water-soluble vitamins.

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Whey protein is recommended for those who want to get a healthy body through training. After training, it is said that it is necessary to replenish protein as quickly as feasible to efficiently promote muscle recovery. Whey protein is best absorbed immediately after exercise due to its smooth blending. It is suitable for those who want to build a healthy body in a wide range of fields such as endurance games such as marathons, military arts and contact sports (rugby, American football, etc.) as well as muscle training.

Whey Protein Concentratealso known as Concentrated Membrane Treatment.

Lactose tends to remain due to the production method in which the raw mineral whey is membrane-treated with a filter, and the liquid obtained by filtration is concentrated. It can cause gastric distension and bloat for people with lactose intolerance, but it has the benefit of leaving as many vitamins and metals in whey as possible.

It seems that goods with a protein content of about 80% are often made by this method.

Whey Protein Isolatealso known as ion exchange.

Since the protein separated by the WPC manufacturing method is further ion-exchanged, components other than protein are almost removed to produce a high whey protein group. The protein content is as high as about 90%. The content of lactose, which tends to cause stomach upset, is also shallow, giving it a suitable manufacturing method for lactose intolerance. It takes a relatively large amount of person-hours to achieve highly purified whey protein, and the price is slightly higher.

Abbreviation for Whey Protein Hydrolysate. It is also called a hydrolyzed peptide. WPC is severed into a peptide state (a state in which dozens to dozens of amino acids are connected) using enzymes contained in microorganisms. The whey content is as high as about 95%, and many of them are expensive.

Whey protein has various characteristics depending on the manufacturing method. Please choose the protein of the manufacturing method that suits you.

The recommended way to drink whey protein

Amount to drink

According to the Japanese dietary intake types, “ideally 13 to 20% of the energy intake is the protein required per day, and the recommended amount is 60 g per day for adult men and 50 g per day for adult women.”

I wrote first that “to maintain a slim and cool muscular body, you need 1 kg of protein per day x 1.5 to 2 g of protein”, but it may differ depending on the purpose. If you go to the gym, please follow the trainer’s instructions. I also take it in consultation with the trainer.

Drinking too much is bad for your health, so don’t drink too much!

Timing of drinking

If you aim for a muscular body, we recommend taking protein within 30 minutes immediately after using. It is also said that it is right before going to sleep. In general, I think it’s best to take it at the time of three meals without forgetting to take it.

Advantages and disadvantages

Whey protein comprises amino acids that make up most of the muscle components and is required to have a muscle improvement effect. It has a light flavor and is easy to drink, has a smooth absorption rate into the body, and has the benefit of being hard to lean on the gastrointestinal tract.

The disadvantage is that it is comparatively expensive compared to other proteins. Some products have done devised in terms of function and price, such as the used in combination with soy protein and natural protein content.

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