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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Auto Shipping Company

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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Auto Shipping Company

If you’re thinking of shipping your car, it is essential to research auto transport companies. Effective service, equipment, and insurance coverage differences can significantly affect your experience.

A good auto transport company is reputable and reliable. Look for a company that offers a guaranteed price. 


Auto shipping company take on some of the hassles and costs of moving a vehicle across the country. They save you a lot of mileage, wear and tear on your car, and time, which is why many people use their services for long-distance moves. But before you choose an auto transport company, know how much it will cost. Most car shipping companies offer a free, instant quote online, so you can get an idea of how much it will cost to ship your vehicle.

Many factors, including fuel prices and truck capacity, determine car shipping costs. Most car shipping companies rely on economies of scale to keep their prices low, and it’s more expensive for them to drive half-empty trucks than full ones. As a result, they have to pass the fuel cost onto their customers, which can significantly increase the price of shipping your vehicle.

Another factor that can influence the cost of car shipping is the weather. If a carrier has to drive through sleet or snow, it will be more expensive than shipping in the summer. Finally, it’s essential to consider whether or not a company offers extra insurance coverage. While all car shipping companies must have liability insurance, you should also look for additional cargo coverage options.


Car transport insurance can be an essential factor when booking your auto transport. Most companies offer this coverage at no additional cost, but checking the company’s insurance policy before committing to their services is always a good idea. If you have expensive accessories installed in your vehicle, like speakers or a sunroof, you should purchase extra shipping insurance to cover the costs of any damages during transit.

Additionally, it’s critical to remember that uncontrollable elements like weather can alter how much it will cost to move your car. Suppose your carrier has to drive through sleet or snow. In that case, it can increase the shipment price significantly because pages must take extra precautions to protect their equipment and vehicles.

All auto transport companies must have liability and cargo insurance, but their coverage varies by company. Get a copy of the company’s insurance policy and read it carefully. You should also ask about any limits on the insurance, such as “acts of God” like floods and tornadoes, and whether or not personal items are covered under the policy. It’s a good idea to remove any valuables from your car before shipping and to scrutinize it after delivery to note any damage.


Car shipping companies offer their customers a safe and convenient way to relocate their cars. Their representatives take care of all the legalities involved in the process, which allows you to focus on other tasks related to your move. Additionally, the company can arrange enclosed shipping to protect your car from road debris and weather conditions.

When choosing an auto transport service, look at the customer reviews and response rate. A reputable company will assign one agent to work with you throughout the shipping process and be available to answer questions or address concerns. Also, check the company’s better business bureau rating. A company with an excellent BBB rating is more likely to resolve customer issues satisfactorily and on time.

A reputable car shipping company will provide a free quote and only require paying once a carrier is secured to ship your vehicle. In addition, the price will depend on many factors, including fuel prices and carrier availability. Some brokers may even charge extra for unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather or unscheduled stops.

Another critical factor is the location of your pickup and delivery locations. If your home or office is on a route that is not popular with carriers, you will be charged more than if your home or office is near a major highway. Carriers rely on economies of scale and want to avoid driving half-empty trucks.

Customer service

Auto shipping companies offer various services, from door-to-door delivery to terminal-to-terminal transport. They are used by people who need to move their cars long distances for business or personal reasons, such as a corporate relocation or an automobile show. These companies specialize in car transport, so they have the experience and resources to handle the nitty-gritty details of the shipping process.

When comparing quotes, look for transparency and excellent communication. Check that your section includes insurance coverage and a guaranteed pickup date. Also, ask how much the company charges for a pickup window that doesn’t work out. Some companies will waive or reduce fees for a non-workable pickup window.

While all carriers must carry cargo insurance, not all companies are equal regarding the amount and scope of coverage provided. For instance, some companies can charge you a high deductible, while others might pay the entire worth of your car.