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Fantasy Cricket Has Overtaken Other Online Cricket Games

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Fantasy Cricket Has Overtaken Other Online Cricket Games

Cricket has been the most popular sport in India over the last several decades. Many people ardently follow the sport as if it is religion. Many fans follow the game strictly and have educated themselves about how to play. Craze for cricket isn’t restricted to television and stadiums, but they carry out their cricketing abilities in every corner of the Indian roads. Ever since the introduction of web-based games, many cricket enthusiasts not just showcase their cricketing abilities on the field but utilise their mobile phones or workstations to play cricket on the web.

However, playing cricket games on mobile phones has seemed to become obsolete given the growth and popularity of Fantasy Cricket in India. The competitions in Fantasy Cricket have further added the thrill and exhilaration among the cricket enthusiasts. Fantasy Cricket is an amazing platform where fans can create their own team and win exciting prizes and cash rewards if they win the contest. Also, it gives you a feeling that you are playing a match on the field.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of fans playing Fantasy Cricket. Fantasy Cricket has outnumbered the number of users playing the Online Cricket Games. Fantasy Cricket has become a new phenomenon among the cricket fans as it gives an opportunity to them to make money while playing. There are several users who play Fantasy Cricket professionally rather than part-time. However, there are several other reasons why Fantasy Cricket is so popular and its advantage over Online Cricket Games.

Here are seven reasons why Fantasy Cricket is gaining popularity and its advantage over Online Cricket Games

1. Enjoy the game from comfort of your home

The current generation of cricket fans no longer travel long distances to watch matches at the stadium or from the stands. With the introduction of fantasy cricket, it has become more convenient for fans to watch the game as they can watch from the comfort of their homes. All you need to do is download a Fantasy Cricket app and start logging with your details, including your name, email address, name and most importantly, bank details. After filling up the details, you can start creating your fantasy team of 11 players. You will earn points based on your player’s performance in the match. Creating your fantasy team doesn’t need a lot of effort. A few strategic decisions and a basic understanding of cricket would be enough.

2. Helps to enhance their Skills

Fantasy Cricket is a perfect platform for the enthusiasts of the sport to improve their cricketing skills. Most of the people who don’t have time to play real cricket are now able to play or practice on their own on Fantasy Cricket. People who are used to playing online fantasy cricket often could be far more experienced than ones who are novice. When you play, you will be able to improve your tactics and skills around batting, bowling and wicket keeping. Also, you can learn about strategies by observing how your opponents apply their tactics while picking up their Playing XI.

3. Feels a Sense of Obligation

While making a team of 11 players for your Fantasy Cricket team from available 22 players participating in a particular match, the responsibility as a fan of the sport matures. You are not just passively watching cricket but you are able to have a group like mentor in every match. The number of runs your players score and wickets your bowlers take will have an impact on your results at the end of the day or end of the match. If you participate in a Fantasy Cricket contest or rivalry, then it will help you earn some exciting rewards. When you participate in the contest, you will learn from the mistakes and improve your game by making some strategic changes.

4. An opportunity to know more about cricket

In Fantasy Cricket, the result of the game is mostly based on the user’s knowledge and nuances about the sport and their skills. In-depth knowledge about cricket is important in order to outsmart or defeat your opponents. In-depth knowledge as in the users must keep themselves updated and informed about the players, pitch report, player’s injury, recent performances of the players and head to head stats, to get an edge over your opponents in Fantasy Cricket. Oftentimes, many users create their Fantasy XI by ignoring these factors and eventually, they end up losing the contests. If you keep yourself updated on the above-mentioned factors, then your chances of winning will be increased and you will win prizes and cash rewards.

5. Helps to create a team with confidence

One of the benefits of playing Fantasy Cricket is that it will teach you patience, discipline and determination. You might have faced bad experiences in fantasy cricket in the past, but you can step up or upgrade your game and benefit from your past experience to increase your chances of winning the game. When you play Fantasy Cricket, it will set you up for most ideal or terrible situations. When you play Fantasy Cricket live with real players, you won’t just improve your game but will gain a lot of knowledge about the game. If you become the mentor of your group, you will pick up leadership abilities and the worth of championship.

6. You can play with your fellow cricket enthusiasts

Fantasy Cricket is a platform where you can play and compete with your cricket fans around the world. Playing with fellow cricket fans will definitely enhance the love for the sport and also you will learn about their strategies they imply in Fantasy Cricket. The thrill and excitement to play with cricket fans on Fantasy Cricket is unmatchable. If you win the contest, then it gives a boost to your mood, elation and exhilaration. Oftentimes, fellow cricket fans will help you with strategies and also teach you much more about the sport.

7. Challenges create high interest level

Playing Fantasy Cricket is not at all, you might have to face challenges coming in your way. To win a competition or contest, you must have all the odds working in your favor. Otherwise, it could be tough to overcome those challenges. If you try to overcome those challenges, you will feel more confident and enthusiastic and obtain passions which will double your encouragement to create your own Fantasy Cricket Team. Fantasy Cricket will help you teach how to face challenges and overcome them.