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Features That Make Light Therapy Good For The Skin

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Features That Make Light Therapy Good For The Skin

The 21st century has brought significant change in our skincare routine. And one of the unique skincare technologies that is gaining popularity is light therapy. It can present us with a substantial glow in our skin within a short time. In social media, many celebrities are buzzing with the effectiveness of the therapy. It has reduced the hassle of the prolonged skincare routine for many. In the following article, we are going to discuss various benefits of light therapy.

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that requires non-thermal LED lights. This combination of LED lights is arranged to emmet a 10,000 lux of light flux to mimic the sunlight. The photons of the light are targeted to reach a specific area that is damaged and requires healing. As light is a natural source of energy, it is pretty clean and harmless. Our body cells get excited when light is shined upon them. The powerhouse of our cells receives the energy from the light photons and starts healing the damaged area. As the cells are more energized than before, the healing begins within a short time and can get healed significantly faster. LED lights are completely free of harmful UV rays; therefore, the body cells are totally free from further damage. The color and penetration rate of the light change with the variance of wavelength. As a result, light therapy can target specific areas and conditions that require healing and can effectively deliver it. Within a very short time, light therapy technology has evolved a lot and brought a significant change in our health-care and self-care routine.

What Light Therapy Does for You?

The energy of light stimulates the skin and energizes the skin cells. Thus the cells get repaired greatly. For this phenomenon, light therapy is highly recommended for repairing sun damage, acne, eczema, and several other inflammatory conditions.  Moreover, it has proven effective in wound healing, scarring, and enhancing skin radiance. The light rays penetrate the skin at different levels. Then it reacts with harmful bacteria that promotes skin conditions. Also, it affects the generation of proteins in your cells which reduces wrinkles and other aging signs.

How Does Light Therapy Works?

Various visible lights are used for light therapy. The different colors of light have different wavelengths, so they work on other parts of the skin level. Aging, trauma, skin disorders badly affect the skin cells. Therefore, the natural course of healing is greatly compromised. The light is acted as a battery to fuel this regeneration. It promotes the production of collagen & elastin proteins in skin cells. This results in glowing, pigmentation, and tightening of the skin. To get this therapy, you need to expose yourself to the light properly, which will do all the job.

Types of Light and Their Speciality

As mentioned before, various colors of visible lights are used for light therapy. And they benefit the skin in different ways. We are including the overviews right below.

Blue Light

Blue light has the shortest wavelength and penetrates the shortest distance. It banishes the harmful bacterias without any irritation. It also reduces skin oils and prevents the skin from breaking down in the future. As LED doesn’t contain any harmful UV rays, it’s pretty safe to use.

Amber Light

Not all the lightboxes come with amber-colored lights. The boxes containing this colored light can be a bit much expensive. But it can positively affect the mood of the user. Many users have expressed that amber light has boosted their courage and self-esteem significantly.

Red Light

Red light has a higher wavelength than the other visible rays. It goes deeper into the skin and promotes skin repair. It shrinks the appearance of pores in the skin and regulates oil production. Moreover, natural hydration level is increased due to this light, so circulation is highly improved. It’s also very effective in reducing redness and inflammation.

Near Infra-red Light

This light has the highest wavelength among the visible rays. So it is absorbed highly through the skin. Smoothing line and wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, pain-reducing, wound healing is extensively promoted by this kind of light.

Benefits of Light Therapy

From the 20th century, there has been significant research on light therapy. And within the 21st century, it has been perfected greatly. It has very few side effects while being beneficial in many cases. Unlike laser therapy, it doesn’t burn the skin. Therefore inflammation or scarring from this therapy is significantly rare. Skin conditions like acne, wrinkles are greatly improved by this therapy, while it’s pretty effective in treating chronic muscle pain. Additionally, it can significantly improve the mood of a user. Many mental health conditions can be addressed and managed with the help of light therapy.  In a nutshell, it’s a package of treatment in a small box.

Commonly Known Side effects

There’s not much side effect associated with light therapy. However, some people may suffer from exposure to light. Patients diagnosed with bipolar syndrome can have maniac attacks when the biological clock is distorted. So, they may need to consult professionals before getting light therapy. If any swelling or redness of the skin is observed, a doctor must be consulted immediately. Other than these, if anyone is diagnosed with any skin or mental condition that can elevate due to light, they should ignore considering light therapy.

Why Consider Getting Light Therapy?

Our world is constantly changing, and it’s changing fast. As a result, we have to run faster to keep up with the changing world. This allows us less time and exposes us to more work. However, self-care is as important as keeping up with loads of work. We only have one life and one body to live in. The importance of keeping the body healthy cannot be stressed enough. It allows you to perform your tasks effectively while giving self-satisfaction. Then why not walk the extra mile to take care of yourself? With the help of light therapy, you will get clear, healthy, and glowing skin within less than an hour.

Additionally, it can make you look younger and make you feel the same. As a result, you’ll get the motivation to work extra hard and achieve your goals. We are not saying that life therapy is absolutely needed for the betterment of your life. However, if you are tackling modern problems, why not solve them with a modern solution? Light therapy has immense benefits for your skin, and you can easily get them with a little bit of time whenever you want, wherever you go.


The contribution of technology has made our lives easier in various ways. With the development of technology, our quality of life has improved significantly. And light therapy has opened a brand new opportunity. It has opened the future of treatments that is easy, painless, and clean. Further researches are conducted to apply this in various fields broadly. But for now, it’s doing a fantastic job for our skin that was unthinkable in the previous era. Light therapy is a pretty special procedure, from relieving pain to heal skin and giving a radiant look. This made the popularity of light therapy soaring through the sky.

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