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Five Key Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable

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Five Key Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable

Businesses run on waste. America produces more trash than any other country in the world. The average American makes 1,609 pounds of trash every year.

Every business function must consider sustainability. You can develop a green business through some simple measures that will not add additional expenses.

How can you make more sustainable products? What can you do inside your office space? What groups should you reach out to for help?

Answer these questions and you can adopt sustainable practices that will make a difference in no time. Here are five ways to increase your company’s sustainability.

1. Use Recyclable Materials in Products

Most products do not require non-recyclable materials. You can package your products for shipping in recycled cardboard containers. You can switch to degradable bubble wrap and you can use a reusable blanket for insulating your products.

If you can’t switch to recyclable materials, find local suppliers for your products. Going local will minimize the fossil fuels your supplier has to burn to ship their products to you.

2. Switch to LED Lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs last for years longer than incandescent bulbs. Companies are also making their bulbs out of sustainable materials that don’t fill up landfills.

It is not enough to put LED bulbs in your fixtures. Encourage your employees to turn the lights off when they are exiting rooms. Try to use natural lighting in addition to artificial lights.

3. Reduce Paperwork

You may not be able to create a paperless workplace. But you can reduce the amount of paper you print in your office.

If you have a company newsletter, send it in an email instead of printing it out. Distribute documents during a meeting through emails rather than handing out print copies of them.

4. Donate to Green Charities

Many charitable organizations are committed to sustainable practices. If you have some money leftover, send an organization a donation at the end of the year.

See if you can get advice from them on becoming a sustainable business. They may be able to visit your office and give you suggestions on going green. They can also connect you to suppliers of sustainable products.

5. Recycle Office Electronics

You should never throw an old computer or printer into the trash. When an appliance dies, you should call your municipal trash department and figure out how you can recycle it.

You may be able to drop it off at city hall. You can also break down the appliance’s individual components and put them in different recycle bins.

Make Sustainability a Business Function

Sustainability must be a major business function. Start using recyclable and recycled materials in your products. Packaging is a good place to start the transition.

Take out your incandescent bulbs and replace them with LED bulbs. Stop printing out unnecessary documents like company newsletters.

Whenever you have extra money, send it to an environmental charity. Get their advice on steps you can take for sustainability. Recycle your office electronics whenever they die with help from your municipal trash department.

Be committed to developing a green business. Read more sustainability guides by following our coverage.