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How To Choose The Right Home Water Filtration System

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How To Choose The Right Home Water Filtration System

You’ve probably tried it by now—just heading over to the Internet and punching in ‘best home water filtration systems.’ The results are probably why you’re now reading this article! 

There are just too many options on the market, all affecting different features. But, which are the right ones?  After they’ve all claimed to be the best on the market, how can you choose a filtration system for your home that’s most functional for you?  What types are out there and all the things you need to know to make a decision? 

Many people will think that they’re covered as long as they get a good brand, such as the Filtap filter. But, that’s only part of the answer. You need to know the exact filter you need, guided by your unique needs.

This article will take you through everything you need to know to pick the right filter for your water at home. 

Choose Between Point Of Entry And Point Of Use Systems 

Point of entry (POE) systems take a whole-home approach to treating your home’s water. Using this method, you’re removing contaminants from the water in the entire house, not just drinking water. So, if you’re worried about your water being of port quality, a POE system might be a great option. Besides the fact that it takes a holistic approach to contaminants removal in your home’s water, it’s also relatively easier to maintain than having several points of use systems around the house.

But, this isn’t always the best way to approach your home water filtration. Different points in your house have different needs in terms of water quality, and, sometimes, you don’t really need to be producing that many gallons of filtered water per day while wasting resources. For example, your shower water doesn’t need to be the same quality as your drinking water. 

If you want a more focused and minimal approach, then a point of use (POU) system will be the best option for you. There are different types of POUs, including under-counter, reverse countertop osmosis, and carbon faucet filters. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to make a decision based on your overall goal. 

Find Out The Filter’s Flow Rate

Water purifier cartridge and clean water. Home water purifier system concept.

Many people don’t even know that their home water has a flow rate, but it does, and it’s a very important factor to consider before choosing a filter. You can’t choose the right home water filtration system without first calculating your home’s water flow rate. 

Flow rate refers to the amount of treated water that can pass through your faucets in a given minute, and it’s measured in gallons per minute. When choosing your home water filter, you should make sure its cartridge has a gallon per minute rate that’s two times the flow rate you want to have. That way, your cartridge will be able to last the six months replacement time and help you save.

Another way to help you find the flow rate is by measuring your line pipe’s size. Your line pine is the pipe at your home’s entrance. The size of that line pipe will determine the water volume that your filtration system is going to need to support. 

Perform A Water Quality Test

Before buying a home water filtration system, you should perform a quality test. While the report you get from your city’s water quality department gives you an idea of the number of contaminants in your drinking supply, a home test will give you a more accurate picture of what is in your water. By having a water quality test, you’ll be able to compare the different types of water filters and their features.

Sometimes, you don’t have that many contaminants to worry about, and you have to merely get rid of things, like sediments, that have different filtration needs than if your water had other more dangerous contaminants. 

Consider The Size Of Your Household

To choose the right filtration system for your home, you’ll also need to calculate how much water you think you’ll use, and this will depend on your household size. Do you host guests often?  If so, then bump up the number a little bit to accommodate your visitors. 

Just knowing how many people your filter is going to need to consistently supply water to can help you choose the right filter type and size!  You don’t want to overwhelm and exhaust your filter, or, else, it’ll end up doing a compromised job at delivering clean water. 


That’s it. Choosing a water filtration system for your home isn’t that difficult; you only need to know what you’re supposed to factor in. When you know the things that have been listed in this article, you can choose a filtration system that best serves you.

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