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How to Find a Perfect Aviation Solution for your Needs?

Traveling is a necessity of life whether for business or pleasure. It is both an experience as well as an investment and you should develop a strategy to maximize this investment in private aviation solutions.

There are a number of options that good aviation services can offer based upon your flight history and can help you choose between the different combinations of ownership, charter or membership as an individual. Most private aviation solutions will have this choice by leveraging their internal resources and within their network of providers. This choice is crucial especially if your business conditions have last-minute changes to be factored in at most times.

Ownership is the easiest to understand, you buy the choice of aircraft and either you fly if you have the necessary licenses and other papers or you hire a crew to fly you. It is just another vehicle in your fleet which instead of running on the road will allow you to fly. This option will provide the highest levels of privacy, security, and comfort while also giving you much better and tighter control over the aircraft’s maintenance. The only downside is that you will be able to use only that one aircraft irrespective of the varying distances of your travel.

A chartered option provides the top value for your investment as it enables you access to a wide variety of aircraft at your disposal. This allows you to scale up or down the aircraft depending upon your guest list and the travel distance. But some aircraft may be up to mark on the comfort’s whereas others may be lacking.

Membership, on the other hand, is similar to owning a corporate department where the costs of maintenance and other running costs are shared by the entire membership. It allows you to keep a definite amount of flight hours on an annual basis and also exchange them with others in your membership if the need arises. It also allows you to fly the same type of aircraft so that the crew becomes a familiar face.

If on the other hand, your requirement is not for an individual but for a corporate, then these private aviation solutions can augment your operation as and when there is an excess of baggage or more passengers or if the aircraft is down for a routine or otherwise maintenance. These additional options to a corporate plan might be just a one-off thing that does not justify adding another aircraft to your taxes. Also, these corporates can go for a turnkey solution in the form of a corporate flight plan without any ownership requirements which can also be scaled as per the changing business requirement.

Aircraft buying is a complex process where again our aviation services with our exceptional industry knowledge and years of relationship-building can help you. We can guide you through the often confusing regulatory, tax and legal issues that are part and parcel of purchasing an aircraft while keeping your best interests in mind.

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