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Importance of Video Content Marketing for SEO

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Importance of Video Content Marketing for SEO

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The most powerful medium of communication across the internet and even in the offline space is video. You can promote your business and brand the best way through videos. It’s thus important to incorporate video content as part of your digital marketing strategy.

What is Video Content Marketing?

Video marketing is a part of content marketing. It involves all aspects of video, like creating videos and sharing them with audiences.

Your videos can be personal, or they could promote your business and its products and services. Video is the most familiar online form of communication. For example, in the second quarter of 2022, 36% of users across the world watched online videos on demand on their smartphones.

The Importance of Video Content Marketing

If a photograph speaks a thousand words, a video surely speaks thousands! Studies have revealed that you have up to 50% more chance of ranking on the first page of the Google search engine results page (SERP) if you feature video content.

Although several aspects like relevant text, images, hashtags, and so on give you high visibility on the internet, video content gives you the extra edge you require.

When you adopt a particular video SEO strategy, your main objective is for your videos to be discovered by search engines. It might be on Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform. Whatever type of video content you make, ensure you use a video maker tool after shooting them to make them more engaging and professional-looking.

But by putting a major thrust on video content, what are the major benefits you get? Here are reasons why it’s so important to use video content marketing as part of your marketing campaigns:

Improves Your SERP Rankings

Using video marketing can increase web traffic, giving you a chance to rank higher on the internet. Even before relevance comes into the picture, Google favors video content. Research revealed that in 2022, 86% of businesses relied heavily on video marketing strategies.

Say you sell medical equipment – you can publish hundreds of pages of content about the equipment used to treat particular medical conditions. But it is only through videos that you can convince your audience and rank higher on SERPs.

Plus, if you produce convincing videos that show the wonders of your medical equipment and devices, the visibility of your website will automatically improve as Google boosts your content.

Evokes Emotion

A video evokes emotion like no other form of communication can. With the right soundtrack and visual effects, it can affect viewers tremendously. They can experience emotions like sadness, joy, positivity, or humor from just watching a video.

Most viewers yield to emotion. For example, a well-produced, SEO-optimized health and wellness video that induces positive feelings can motivate viewers to watch more videos, increasing views and bringing more traffic to your sites/social media pages.

You can use an easy video maker to add embellishments to your videos and tweak them for the respective social media platform or website.

Educates Potential Customers

Many of your viewers may not be aware of your product or ready to buy it. However, well-crafted videos can foster awareness in such viewers.

As they learn more about your product or service and its benefits, you can build authority in your domain and easily convert them into trusted customers.

Helps Increase Conversions

A HubSpot survey revealed that the likelihood of a person buying a product is almost doubled after watching a product video. This is enough evidence to prove that video content marketing is a powerful tool to drive sales.

After all, the ultimate goal of video marketing is usually to get more conversions. A conversion can be as simple as hitting the “subscribe” button or paying for a gizmo worth thousands of dollars. If you are selling stuff, you want to increase your sales through your website.

If you optimize your video content appropriately, you can easily increase your conversions. There are many ways to use videos on your website. Embed them on your landing page. Use rich snippets. Upload videos on YouTube and link them back to your website.

If done well, you can land on Google’s first SERP because, as mentioned before, Google favors video content. So, when you optimally use video in different ways on different channels, you can improve your SEO standing with Google and other social media platforms.

Short Video Content Brings More Views

Short videos are in vogue today. According to statistics, 5% of your audience is likely to drop off after the first 60 seconds and almost 60% after two minutes. You stand the best chance of high engagement with short videos.  With the help of a video maker you can make your short videos more interesting to watch so the audience can engage with your content for a long time. It can also increase the chances of your video content going viral.

You can assimilate a large amount of information with just a glance when you watch a video. Moreover, videos are infinitely more engaging than text.

Viewers will be more attracted to an animated explainer video than a web page. You can make videos in a way that viewers find interesting throughout, keeping them hooked until they reach the CTA. 

With this in mind, video-showcasing platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have evolved short video formats, enabling you to deliver a powerful message. Plus, this format is especially suited for smartphones, so if you optimize your videos for mobile, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone.

Tells Stories

With a video, you aren’t simply dumping lots of information for a user to process. You can arrange your information in a story-like format. 

If you play out your video in a way that tells a story, it will engage your viewers such that no amount of written content can, no matter how well-written it might be.

The added advantage of telling stories through your videos is that people retain that information for longer. A person who watched your video on, say, Monday might recall what they saw even on Friday, or for that matter, a month later.

They might also return to watch your content, which contributes to the longevity of your videos, keeping them high on the SERPs.

Videos Earn Backlinks

Backlinks direct traffic from external authority sites to your website. They are the Holy Grail of SEO. Creating and publishing engaging, relevant video content is the best way to earn backlinks.

You can receive a considerable flow of organic traffic to your website by earning a significant quantity of backlinks. This can be achieved through well-planned video content marketing campaigns.


That’s all there is to it! If you want to promote your brand, especially for SEO purposes, you definitely need to use video content marketing to boost it. You don’t want to be left behind.

Give a major thrust to your SEO efforts with video content as the basis of your marketing strategy and enhance your brand’s online presence.

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