Maryse Ouellet

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Maryse Mizanin (Maryse Ouellet) is a well known professional wrestler, actress, businesswoman, and glamour model. She works for World Wrestling Entertainment. Her ring name is Maryse Ouellet. She hails from Montreal (Canada) and was born on 21 January 1983.

It makes it clear that her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Maryse’s husband The Miz is a professional wrestler from the United States.

Maryse Mizanin – Hobbies 

Maryse Mizanin’s hobbies are travelling, dancing and shopping. She is obsessed with Hollywood movies and series. The mega WWE superstar likes the way Leonardo DiCaprio work to make projective movies. Seville, a beautiful city in Spain, is Maryse’s beloved holiday destination.

Pink, red and blue is her favourite colours. Dead Calm is her favourite English movie – and The Office is her favourite television series. Lita and Victoria led her to become a professional wrestler. She is a huge fan of music. Maryse likes bands such as Simple Plan and Nickelback. Techno music is her number one pick.

Maryse Mizanin – Marriage, Early Life, Kids, Parents 

Guy Ouellet and Marjolaine Martin are Maryse’s lovely parents. She spent her childhood with her lovely sister named Michelle Ouellet. From a very young age, Maryse was too connected with her father. He passed away at the time his girl reached a different level.

She has made a tattoo of her father on her left wrist. Maryse has a business administration degree. Ouellet is a full-time vegetarian.

Maryse and Mike Mizanin announced their engagement in 2013. Maryse dated Mike for a long time. On February 20, 2014, The Miz and Maryse married in The Bahamas. They are blessed with two children Madison Jade and Monroe Sky Mizanin.

Maryse Mizanin – Professional Career 

Maryse Mizanin led many fashion shows at her school. During her much-younger days, Maryse earned a black belt in martial arts. Finishing on the second spot in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada 2003 competition helped Maryse a lot. She worked for many decent fashion agencies before making a move to WWE.

 In September 2006, Maryse made her WWE debut on SmackDown!

From 2008 to 2010, WWE pushed Maryse hard and made her the Divas Champion. She worked for the brand until 2012 before making a short comeback from 2016 to 2019. Maryse made many appearances with her husband The Miz.

Television Appearance    

Maryse Mizanin is now a famous reality television star. Miz & Mrs. Show, which started in 2018.

She has also played a huge role to make other WWE shows such as Total Divas and Total Bellas maintain their class and ratings.

Other endeavours

Maryse Mizanin has a clothing and jewellery brand named House of Maryse. In 2013, Ouellet earned her real estate license.

Net Worth 

Maryse Mizanin’s net worth stands $14 million at the moment. Maryse has too many jobs to do. Thus, her worth can become even better.

Social Media 

The social media impact of Maryse Mizanin is very big. She has millions of followers on social media.


Michael Gregory Mizanin is a super famous professional wrestler. The Miz is well-known for his speaking and wrestling abilities.

He has won many every belt a professional wants to win in WWE. The Miz has helped WWE to create many memorable shows. WWE fans around the world love his magic.