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Music equipment for hotels

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Music equipment for hotels

In the design of many modern hotels a lot of attention is paid to additional services and offers for customers. These include: organizing a club, running entertainment programs and organizing leisure activities. For all this, musical equipment of the appropriate level is necessary. What peculiarities of the choice of musical equipment for the hotel should be considered?

First of all, all existing devices of this type are divided into several categories: household appliances, industrial equipment, studio equipment, concert equipment and equipment for DJs. The Hotel Europe has used several categories of musical devices in its project. And rightly so, since each area of the hotel requires its own specific type of equipment.

Household appliances are products with a common purpose. They are excellent for mini-hotels, in whose restaurants it is planned to create a pleasant atmosphere. Also relevant is the installation of a simple audio system in a small gym or a small spa. The main requirement for placement: the room should have a small area by hotel standards. In addition, the room should have a relatively low ceiling (2-3 meters).

Industrial equipment is perfectly suited for medium-sized and large hotels. It is suitable for street discos and events, closed entertainment programs and many other standard hotel situations. It is better to broadcast the sound from the speakers at a good distance.

Studio equipment is not necessary for the hotel. Unless it is a special hotel for musicians, where they can both record and listen to their new compositions with high fidelity. High fidelity sound is, in fact, the main distinguishing feature. Does a hotel need it? Not always.

The Capital Hotel is a great place to stay for guests without special requirements to the entertainment program, but with special requirements to the comfort of living. If you change your priorities in your new hotel complex and the entertainment program is in a significant position, it is better to buy concert-type equipment. It is often supplemented by special lighting effects to make the shows, concerts and events were especially colorful. As a matter of fact, equipment for a DJ is also relevant for large hotel complexes with a rich entertainment program.

Professional sound and light at the event

Today no disco, festive event or concert can do without stage equipment. High quality sound and light are the key component of any successful show. Correct choice and timely installation of the equipment affects the spectator’s attitude towards everything that is happening in the hall or on the stage.

Sound equipment is a mechanical, electronic and other devices, appliances, fixtures, furniture, instruments and other items through which sound is reproduced, amplified, processed and broadcast. Sound equipment includes speakers, DJ equipment, power amplifiers, radio systems, headphones, microphones, and more. Many people confuse professional sound equipment from home sound equipment. What is the difference between the two? The difference is that professional equipment can be used continuously and it has features which are completely unnecessary in everyday life, but are necessary for professional work and sound processing. That’s why it doesn’t come cheap.

Professional equipment cannot be compared with digital electronics, as they have very different purposes, but nevertheless it is necessary for meeting rooms, conference halls, classrooms, clubs, concerts, theaters and other premises, which are designed for a large number of people. The main requirement to such professional equipment is durability and high quality of assembly.

Before buying sound equipment, you should take the time to study all the characteristics of the desired equipment. When choosing, it is important to know some of the differences between amateur and professional models. Amateur models do not produce the quality and depth of sound that professional equipment does.

Sound set up and installation.

Professional installation allows you to take full advantage of all the characteristics of the musical equipment for effective and maximum sound quality with copyright free music to not get banned or get a fine. Installation, adjustment, assembly of sound system, acoustic cables are performed by professional sound installers. And the use of new materials and modern tools ensure accurate installation without damage to walls and ceiling surfaces.

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