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Rising Unicorn Opn Raises $120 Million

Opn has managed to raise $120 million for expending their business forward. It is formally known as Synqa in a Series C+ funding round. In Japan, they have become a rare unicorn in the field of start-up which has a valuation of more than $1 billion in Japan, which is Asia’s top develop nation. It feels to many as if Japan is a part of European culture when it comes to taking a rapid ride of development. A Tokyo and Bangkok based start-up Opn also known as Synqa managed to raise huge funds in Series C.

They managed to raise funds from Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, which is a government-backed investment wing.  Opn does have its registered headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, however they do have their operationalheadquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. With the investment, Opn is looking to make the platform better and make a rapid expansion in Southeast Asia. This has made growth of digital payments better. Hence, Opn has become a kind of leader in its field. Having investment from government does speak a lot about Opn and its creative growth. They are also looking to make an in Japan, where government is using digital transformation in its circle very well.

Start-up from Tokyo Opn or Synqarasises 120m series at 1b USD vlauationNussey Reuters.

As they are looking to have better cross-border payments, there is a chance for Opn to grow and create a magical look and feel. Jun Hasegawa, who is the founder and Chief Executive of Opn told: “They need a one stop solution! that’s something we can provide.” This does indeed tell a lot about Hasegawa and his creative brain that has made a huge creative touch. This does tell a lot many things about Opn and their aim to move forward.Hasegawa feels that the latest funding round is going to help them to become a leading force in the market and then create a magical look and feel. He thinks that after making a creative touch in Southeast Asia, they can look to expend the market in Europe and North America where the competition is bigger and better.

Hasegawa did meet co-founder Ezra Don Harinsut when he returned back from a trip to Japan. It has helped them to make a plan and then lead things forward in the very best way. They did start to work together in 2013. It has indeed been a long time. With the creative approach of both, Opn has become the biggest player in digital payment industry in its circle. Hence, it has created a huge buzz and impact in some of the nations who know have the tool of digital payments that makes the work easier for everyone and help to stop black money in a larger extent. So in a way, it has expended things in a lager manner. Toyota Motor Corp and Siam Commercial Bank are the other investors of Opn. It does show the deep roots they have when it comes to having great names in the market backing a pretty famous start-up.

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