Sable – Brock Lesnar’s lifeline

Sable, who also known as Rena Marlette Lesnar, is a retired professional wrestler and current model and actress. She now has dual citizenship of America as well as Canada. Sable had to work very hard to reach her level best. Nothing came to her with a silver spoon. Her childhood was decent but was not as good as others lived. She was always a very student at school. Taking academics seriously was a huge thing for her as he did not know what she will be as a professional. Hence, being good in academics was just great for her.

Sable – Professional Life

However, she also took extracurricular activities very well. Most of the time, Rena loved to work as a sports student. It became the biggest reason for her in terms of meeting her soul mate. Rena was always a strong young girl. She battered many boys who were hurting girls without any reason. It made her profile just fantastic at school. Even her teachers knew it very well that Rena Marlette Lesnar will become a very famous person as her aim and work ethic just too good. Sable’s parents felt proud to have a girl who is just 20 years ahead of the current generation. It made them also clear that Rena will be a force in the future.

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Sable – Personal Life

Sable married Wayne Richardson. They had a baby girl together. However, Wayne passed away in 1991. It was a car accident which ended the life of Wayne Richardson. It was a very dark time for Sable, who was broken at that time. Her parents played a great role to help Sable become better and try to think about her future. From 1994 to 2004, she married Marc Mero. The American boxer helped Sable to enter in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) cycle. Sable became a face of WWE’s women’s division and made many great moments to remember. She was famous for her quality approach as a wrestler as other women were looking to use their modelling approach to captivate the fans of WWE. However, Sable took it differently. It shows how good she was as, since 2016, every WWE woman is doing what Sable did 15 to 20 years ago.

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The current WWE set of female wrestlers hail her for showing a light at the end of the tunnel. WWE allowed her to meet Brock Lesnar. They married in 2004 and became Brock Lesnar wife. Broke was handsome and young at that time. Many famous girls were chasing him – but he found his love in Sable. They now live with two children Turk Lesnar, Duke Lesnar. Broke’s step-sister Mariah Richardson also helps Turk and Duke to become better humans and try to follow the level of their famous father. Broke feels great to have a wife like Sable, who does her all to make her husband mentally ready to shine for WWE. She also helped Broke well during his days with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he did many great things. Indeed, Sable has helped Broke Lesnar massively.

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