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Spice up your ambience with these ambient lighting tips 

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Spice up your ambience with these ambient lighting tips 

Ambient lighting is unarguably the most important element of layered lighting and it lays the foundation for your lighting layout too. Ambient lighting or general lighting or soft lighting as most people know it lends a tranquil ambience to your space. There are many ways to lend ambient lighting to your home. There are multiple lighting designs that can beautifully enhance the ambience of your home. Usually, table lamps, wall lights, floor lamps, and in some cases, pendant lights are considered the best ambient lighting fixtures for your space. But we’re here to tell you about a few more ambient lighting techniques that can give your living space a serene and tranquil ambience. 

Consider using cove lighting in the space

When you use a table lamp or a floor lamp in the space, you’re only covering the low-level or mid-level lighting in the room. But with cove lighting, you can also create a gorgeous ambience using your ceiling. Cove lighting exudes a beautifully soft glow in your space and it can set the tone of your space too. Even when the room is completely lit up, cove lighting can help create uniform illumination in the space. 

Use table lamps or floor lamps with upward illumination

Most table lamps or floor lamps direct their lighting downwards and that can actually make the space pretty dark even when you want to create sombre atmosphere. Table lamps and floor lamps with a upward illumination can make the space feel more open and spacious. It completely changes your visuospatial perception too. 

Use recessed lighting in the space 

Recessed lighting might not be the conventional ambient lighting designs, but trust us when we tell you that they can be used as perfect ambient lights. Recessed lighting adds uniformity to your ambient lighting layout and you can be sure that there will be no unlit spot left. However, if you want to created dimmed atmosphere then the ceiling height will come into play. The further the lighting is from the floor the softer the illumination wil be. 

Use dimmable lighting for your decor 

This literally goes without saying. Dimmable lighting is an absolute must when it comes to shaping up your ambient lighting layout. Dimmable lighting is quite versatile and you can set them up multiple ways in your home. The best part about dimmable lighting is that you can adjust the intensity of the lighting throughout the day and set your desired level of illumination. a