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The Best Home Defense Spots to Store Your Savage 308 Rifle

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The Best Home Defense Spots to Store Your Savage 308 Rifle

Everyone has the option to protect themselves in the home, and while you may never use it, weapons like the Savage 308 rifle give you the kind of reassurance you need. That said, the way you store your weapon can drastically change how effective this kind of protection can be. 

Where’s the best spot to keep it? In a large safe? In your garage? Under your bed? Of course, safety precautions always need to be taken with firearms, especially when there are children present in your home. So, now we look at some of the best places to keep yours.

Keep Your Savage 308 Rifle in the Master Bedroom? 

Some might tell you that your home’s main bedroom is the least opportune place to store anything valuable. It’s also where you spend a great deal of time. That said, there are more practical places to store a long rifle, especially if you’re expecting to be able to reach for it and use it in close quarters. 

It’s a good location to store a handily-placed pistol, but your Savage 308 rifle will be better stored somewhere more suitable.

The Pantry in Your Kitchen?

Another great place to store some kind of small weapon is in your kitchen pantry. It’s normally quite close to the rear of most properties and isn’t in a part of the home that intruders tend to target. As such, if you have a pistol stored there, you can quickly defend yourself inside, and having your rifle kept there can also be handy in a pinch. 

Again, however, a long rifle is not something that people tend to use for home defense – at least not on their own. They actually tend to be used for long-range hunting or controlling varmints, so most often, keeping it in a locked cabinet is usually the safest place, as it’s not the first thing you would reach for when you suspect someone is in your home. 

So, Are Rifles Actually Suitable For Home Defense?

If you live on a farm or on a property with lots of land, a rifle may very well be a good option for you to keep yourself and your family safe. It’s suitable because of the setting, however, when you go into built-up areas in cities, a rifle soon becomes unsuitable, due to penetration. 

You see when you fire a rifle round, it has the energy and punching power to go through multiple walls, potentially harming anyone in adjoining properties. That’s why 9mm pistols are so popular in cities for this purpose. They offer the power, but not the over-penetration. 

Keep Your Pistols Handy & Your Savage 308 Rifle Safe 

So, when you’re talking about pistols, keep them safe, but close enough so you can access them in a hurry. Your rifle should be tucked away, as for those living in urban areas, they’re not a great option for keeping you safe in your home. 

Accessibility and safety are your two most important priorities, and it always pays to have a plan. Include aspects like a family meeting point if an intruder comes and even teach your whole family how to safely use a firearm.