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The Significance of Always Having a Snake Bite Kit in Australia

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The Significance of Always Having a Snake Bite Kit in Australia

You can find some of the deadliest animals in the world in Australia. What you can identify, they certainly have it: crocodiles, sharks, jellyfish, spiders, and, obviously, snakes.

With over a hundred species of poisonous snakes in Australia capable of causing mild to severe effects from snake bites, it is critical to treat all snakebites seriously.

If you work or live in a snake-infested area, it is a good idea to have the snake bite kit in Australia that you will need to address snakebite accidents.

Finding the best snake bite kit

A specialised kit is excellent if you like those products ready to use in any incident. For example, some kits will have bandages essential to perform snake bite’s basic aid. Still, a set of dedicated equipment is preferable if you like those supplies easy to identify and reach in an event.

The way manufacturers pack those kits is equally significant and determined by your needs. For example, do you require equipment to stow away in a more extensive kit, backpack or compartment? Perhaps you need the package to include straps to attach to yourself when hiking or walking.

When are you going to need it?

  • If you live in a hotter environment (spring or summer), where snakes are common
  • When it is hot outside
  • When creating a garden and enjoying hours in it
  • When visiting nature reserves or wilderness to go camping
  • When hiking in natural forests or the bush

Venomous bite

In Australia, brown snakes are the most popular and frequently seen snakes. It is, however, only one of 10 highly poisonous snakes that you find throughout the country. The tiger snake, taipan, copperhead, death adder, small-eyed snake, and mulga snake are all poisonous Australian snakes.

It is unrealistic to expect everyone to recognise each venomous creature found in Australia. As a result, anytime there are snake bites, you must always treat them more seriously.

Although it is uncertain whether the snake properly expelled venom, you should always take a snake bite immediately because snake bites can be dangerous in Australia.

Dry bite

When an individual encounters snakebite, evidence reveals that the release of venom is not efficient in 90% of cases. Therefore, you can refer to it as a “dry bite.” Dry bites are painful and produce redness and swelling in the bite region even when no venom is released.

Because you cannot guarantee whether such a snake has still not delivered its venom, you should always handle snakebite as though it has. Having an on-hand snake bite kit in Australia will surely help you in these dangerous circumstances.

What happens to snakebite?

Snakes effectively deposit venom when they bite you; it travels into the blood circulation through your lymphatic system. It can then have catastrophic implications for the muscles and nerves, resulting in paralysis.

If a victim collapses after being bitten by a snake and may not appear to be still breathing, then you must do CPR right away.

  • Turn them over onto their backs.
  • Make sure they have a clear airway.
  • Compress for 30 seconds.
  • Give two deep breaths.
  • You should repeat breaths and compressions at 30:2 ratios until aid arrives.

Approximately 3,000 snakebites occur in Australia yearly, and an estimated 550 hospitalisations with two fatalities on average. So, having a suitable snakebite kit is essential for first aid. 

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