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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Modern End Table

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Modern End Table

The console table is an integral piece of furniture that can work to fill some different needs in your home. Depending on the type, style, and material you choose, a console table can be used for storage, display, and even as a dining room table.

Choose A Type

Modern console tables can be a great option for smaller spaces like hallways, foyers, or apartments. They have a thin design but usually have ample storage space to accomplish your home decor needs. There are also convertible console modern tables that allow you to store items until needed and then convert them into the dining area when guests come over.

This can save space and coordination in your kitchen since you don’t need two separate tables for each purpose. Storage console modern tables provide a lot of storage space and can be utilized in any room of your house, from living rooms to bedrooms.

Modern End Tables

Consoles come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles and can be made from metal to mahogany. The most common is the metal console, with a simple, clean design meant to blend into the room without drawing much attention to itself.

Storage Modern End Tables

These consoles are designed with more storage options to be placed in front of sofas and sectionals to create additional surface area for resting beverages and other items and display space for potted plants or photo frames. Their design usually features an open shelf at the bottom, but they may also have drawers or racks, depending on your needs.

Wine Modern End Tables

These types of tables come in all shapes and sizes. They can be used as a place to store wine and show off some of your favorite vintages that you have stored in one or more cases. Other features of these types of consoles include drawer systems that provide additional storage options and the ability to convert the table into a dining table for smaller gatherings at home or out with friends.

Convertible Modern End Tables

These are often one of the most versatile options for the modern end tables. These tables have legs that can be adjusted in height and angle and can also be converted to a dining table, which allows you to set a place at the dining table or use it as additional seating when needed. They are made from either metal or wood, but they often feature more traditional designs because they have more than one purpose.

Choose A Style

Regarding the style of your console table, you are not limited to just modern furniture. Console tables can come in different styles, including contemporary, traditional, rustic, and others. The type is largely dependent on what you would like the console table to be used for and the look that you are hoping to achieve in your home.

Styles include a midcentury-modern style, which is a combination of modern and midcentury design elements, and you may also choose from furniture pieces that feature marble tops, walnut finishes, or rich colors instead of dark wood finishes. The wood veneers used on these pieces can be stained to match your existing decorating scheme or left in a natural color for a simpler look.

Choose A Material

When it comes to the material you choose, you have options that range from some different synthetic or artificial materials to solid wood or mahogany. You can also opt for a metal console table. The decision will largely be based on what look and feel you are trying to achieve in your home and how much use the table will see.

Wood Console Tables

Wood is the most popular option for modern console tables, and you will find them in all different types of designs, finishes, and sizes that range from smaller to larger pieces depending on your needs.

Wood finish is often stained to match the existing decor in your home or left natural so that no two pieces are exactly alike, as they could have been created by the same milliner or furniture factory. The wood may be finished or stained to a glossy or matte finish, and the wood veneers used on these pieces are intended to have a traditional look.

Metal Console Tables

Metal is another popular option for console tables, and these pieces are available in all different styles, finishes, and designs that can be used in both traditional and modern homes. They are generally made from other metals, including steel, aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel, depending on the specific style you want to use for your console table.

Glass Console Tables

Glass is very popular in homes today and is often used to give a coffee table or a dining table an extra touch of class in casual and formal settings. These modern console tables are usually made from glass that has been decorated to give them a specific look, but they can also be stained or painted to match the style of your home.

Some pieces will feature clear glass so that you can see through the work to see what is inside without having to open up the cabinet doors. You may also choose from different shapes and sizes depending on the type of room that you are using it for.


Buying furniture for your home can be expensive and overwhelming sometimes, but you do not need to spend a lot of money on console tables. You will find great deals on both modern and traditional consoles that are designed to match the décor in your home without breaking the bank. 

The price of your console table can vary greatly depending on its size, material, and additional features, such as storage space or the ability to convert it into another piece of furniture that can serve more than one purpose in your home.

The Bottom Line

Console tables can be a great addition to your home if you want to add more storage space, additional style, or a more modern look to an area of your home. The ability to choose from different styles, sizes, and materials makes it easy to express your sense of style and taste, even working with a limited budget.

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